5 Things To Prove Spring Semester Really Is The Best Semester

5 Things To Prove Spring Semester Really Is The Best Semester

In a rut? Don't worry, spring is here.


The spring time on college campuses can become very busy and hectic, but often in the best ways. It can bring spring break, parties, baseball games, pool days, or just hanging outside soaking in the sun. This is a big help and release for students among all of the school work that they are drowning in.

Not only does spring bring the fun but it also brings the sun and the perfect weather for anything outside.

1. Baseball

Everyone knows that when springtime rolls around, so does the baseball team. As one of the hottest attractions for a spring afternoon, baseball games are filled with beer showers and, grilled foods, and good weather.

2. Spring Parties/"Darties"

For those who don't know, a darty is simply a party during the day instead of at night, or in some cases, it starts as a darty but carries on through the night. These can some of the best parties, and themes of the year, and it's something you for sure don't want to miss.

3. Spring Break

Of course, the infamous spring break trips are always a week to look forward to for every student, everywhere. It's a week for students to get away and just relax and have fun, and maybe drink a beer or two with their best friends.

4. Pool/Lake Days

If you have a pool or lake near you, consider yourself lucky and blessed. And if you're lucky enough to have both options then you really have it all. As spring approaches and the weather gets warmer, spring semester becomes consumed with days full of laying in the sun.

5. Summer Vacation

Although looking forward to summer while still in the spring semester can be a big stretch, it's the motivation for many students to finish strong. Especially after spring break comes to an end, the semester tends to fly by and it's summer before we know it.

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