5 Facts And Questions That WILL Give You An Existential Crisis

5 Facts And Questions That WILL Give You An Existential Crisis

Haven't felt creeped out or insignificant? Worry not! I'm here to help!

Sometimes we all think of things that we wish we didn't. Whether it be the futility of life, you will most likely be forgotten in only a few generations or how sausage and hot dogs are made, everyone has an existential crisis from time to time. Well, don't get to excited, but here are a few other things to keep you up all night! Please, thank me later.

1. What is life?

An age-old question reexamined. Not the meaning of life. What IS life? We have our basic list of things that classify something as alive or not, but as for the actual components of life, all we know is that several non-living things somehow make a living thing. So you're reading this as a living thing made out of trillions of living cells that are made out of zillions upon zillions of non-living things. And this device your reading from is made of the same stuff you are. One small thing separates you from being as alive as this device, and we have no idea what it is.

2. Are there other dead civilizations in the universe?

So we MAY be alone in the universe. But the universe is obscenely old. There could be other planets out there that once sustained life similar to ours but were wiped out, thinking they were the only and the best in the universe. We could be making their mistakes as we speak. And when we eventually die of the nuclear war we initiate with North Korea, life could just start on another planet. Just kidding guys. We're all going to die from an engineered super-virus that escapes from a bioengineering lab.

3. Black Holes

I... jeez. I can't even go into details on this one. It's literally the strangest thing. There's evidence that we could be in a black hole right now. There are arguments that black holes are actually other universes. There are even arguments that black holes are just errors in telescopes and satellites and such. Just...black holes.

4. How many dead things are inside of you?

So we have approximately 10-50 trillion cells in our bodies. Which is bad enough to think you have that many tenants inside of you, but about five million die every second. Which is 300 million per minute. 18,000,000,000 per hour. Feel free to continue calculating. I'd rather not think about how my body is both a cell apartment and a graveyard.

5. We are technically zombies.

Technically, we start dying the moment we are born, though this process is usually called aging. But then we also have to address how are bodies break down over time. This is the definition of decomposition, so we are decomposing as we speak. Zombies are decomposing beings who somehow manage to still function reasonably well. So, welcome to the zombie apocalypse. I have armed you with ways to trouble yourself and anyone you share this info with. Have a lovely day.

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Sunset Skies And Salty Skin

These pictures will almooooost make you feel like you're on vacation.

Everyone has a happy place right? Mine is by a beach. Always has been, always will.

I think the beach has something magical about it and it always has a way of making any big problem seem small. My family goes to the beach be it rainy, sunny, cold or hot- Spring, Summer, Fall or Winter. I think that's why it's my go-to place.

But Chloe, please tell us why you're going on and on about the beach.

Well, I just spent a week of my Spring Break at the beach and turns out it wasn't enough time. I'm extremely nostalgic right about now.

Can you tell?

Considering I'm going through a very hard time and not dealing well with spring break withdrawal, I thought I would try a little experiment.

I'm gonna use Odyssey as my therapy.


Below is a compilation of pretty Sunset pictures that I've taken in the past. I'm hoping that by just viewing the image, it'll help me (and hopefully you as well) make it through the next couple of weeks (i.e. until Summer).

Now, excuse me while I play background music that sounds like I'm in the Caribbean and continue to stare at these pictures until I magically get transported back to a beach somewhere.

Palma de Mallorca, Spain: I would say the view isn't that shabby...

Cahors, France: Can you say Cotton candy skies?

Kill Devil Hills, North Carolina: My all time happy place.

Somewhere along the Camino de Santiago in Spain. But here's the catch: this is actually a sunrise picture — I just thought it was pretty.

Kill Devil Hills, North Carolina: Did I tell you guys that this is my happy place? No? Because it is.

Kennedy Center, Washington D.C.: Not minding these views at all.

Somewhere along the coast in Maryland: One of the top sunsets I've ever seen, the pictures don't do it justice.

Well, turns out the pictures weren't the 100% reality but they were close enough. I guess I'll just have to content myself with 1) staycation 2) Charlottesville sunsets. Which 1) can be a lot of fun, time to explore Charlottesville as much as I can until I graduate and 2) the sunsets here are also out of this world.

I guess it's time to stop thinking the grass is greener on the other side and appreciating what I have in front of me!

But hey, I'm human and I like tropical drinks on sandy beaches. Can ya blame me?

Cover Image Credit: Chloe Laird

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