5 Things Every Holiday Lover Knows To Be True

5 Things Every Holiday Lover Knows To Be True

Not that there's anything wrong with Halloween.

Tom Holland's Terror Time

Don't get me wrong, Halloween is a fun holiday for fall and spook enthusiasts (like myself), but when it comes to preferences, I'd much rather be wrapped in blankets and enamored by the dazzling holiday lights. So, to my fellow December lovers, hopefully this article will make you feel a little less lonely.

1. There Are No Classes

Fortunately, the Holiday season is one of those times that life gives you a reprieve from your hectic school life. The same can't be said for Halloween, which will more often than not land on a school day. What's the fun in gorging on candy and getting smashed at parties if you have a Biology midterm the next day?

2. People Accuse You of Being Close-Minded

Ho boy. Anyone who prefers the holiday season knows what this is like. Your friends might accuse of you being some fervent religious freak that wants to keep the "Christ" in Christmas, but honestly, who cares? You're more than happy to include your non-observant friends in the fun. Besides, you know that it's a holiday that needs to be observed with people you enjoy.

3. Holiday Music is the Bomb

With the exception of the Monster Mash and that one song from the Nightmare Before Christmas, Halloween music is virtually unknown. By contrast, we all know that Mariah Carey will be putting up her Christmas Tree early and that the Grinch is a mean one. If you're going shopping to buy Halloween decorations at Michael's, you at least want to do it while blasting your seasonal soundtrack.

3. You Honestly Don't Mind the Chaos

This is the biggest beef that most people have with the holiday season - but you don't mind a bit. In fact, you love going out and figuring out what kind of gifts you want to give your friends. Naturally, stress and exhaustion are all a part of the shopping process, but it'll be totally worth it to see their reactions.

4. It's Not Just About Christmas

Assuming you are a tolerant and mature person; Non-Christian religions have their own December holidays going on that are equally intriguing and meaningful to those who observe them. Unfortunately, our western culture has exalted Christmas as this all-encompassing behemoth. No doubt that it engulfs the entire month, but hopefully with the combined efforts of welcoming individuals, it can become a holiday that everyone can claim as their own.

5. No One Understands Your Obsession

Let's face it. You're the minority in your friend group, and none of them understand how you can be so jolly when they're stressed with finals and purchasing gifts. You can't help it, though! The same way they feel about Halloween you feel about the holiday season. Hopefully, if you were patient with their antics in October, than they certainly can be patient with yours.

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