5 Stupid Internet Slang Terms

5 Internet Slang Terms That Are Stupid

LOLZ mama, Yassss Qween Gawd!


If you have followed my writing, you'll know that even though I am a millennial, I despise millennials. I hate all our dumb trends and sayings. I hate what we value. I hate what we spend our time doing.

If you've followed my writing, you'll also know that I hate the Internet. In fact, I did an article about 4 things I hate on the internet, please look this up after you read this. In that article, I briefly mentioned that I hate the trend of intentionally misspelling things on social media. I also mention that I hate social media slang, but never went fully into detail.

Well, now I am. Here are 5 terms used on the internet that are stupid.

1. Mood


Okay, what does this even mean? I've seen this used as a good thing, a bad thing, an indifferent thing. You might as well just use "aloha." And why don't we just put a feeling or adjective before using the word "mood?"

2. Periodt


Seriously, what is wrong with saying "period" at the end of your definitive statement that you claim to be done talking about, but you likely will respond to comments disagreeing with you. And why do people need to use the word "period" when they are already ending their sentence with a punctuation mark? And why doe some people do this after they ended a sentence with a period? And why do people sometimes add an unnecessary "t" to this word? Especially when both spellings seem to mean the same thing.

3. Snapped, or even worse Snappedt


Again, another phrase with an unnecessary "t." However, I think these two spellings mean two different things. If you say something against someone, you snapped. If you put on a dress and makeup, you snappedt. Either way, they're both dumb.

4. Mom


Mostly used towards female celebrities, drag queens, or people on reality tv. This is just creepy, as the gif shown above is clearly telling us. These people are not your mother. They likely don't even know who you are. RuPaul's Drag Race contestant, Katya, has spoken against her fans who have done this, because she finds it weird. And if Katya thinks something is weird, it's weird.

5. Living my best life


What the hell does this even mean? And what do you have to do to accomplish it? Because it seems like all you have to do is either go to the beach or on vacation. Can you stay at home to live your best life?

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6 Things You Learn Living With Your Boyfriend For The First Time, All Within, Like, 500 Square Feet

Love is patient, love is kind.


Last summer, my boyfriend and I were at a crossroads in our relationship.

At the time, we had been together for over a year and a half, and I had just made the decision to move seven hours away to Los Angeles to finish school. Realizing we didn't want to spend the next two years apart from each other, we made the huge decision to move in together in the new city.

While living with my partner has had its ups and downs, I've learned a lot about our relationship. Here are six of the biggest lessons I've learned while living with my boyfriend for the first time.

1. There is such a thing as too much time together.

Most of the time we can't get enough of each other, but there are times when we definitely need some alone time. Spending all hours of the day cuddling on the couch can feel super good sometimes, but in order to keep our relationship healthy, we have realized that it is important to have outside interests, hobbies, responsibilities, and friends. This just makes it so much sweeter to come back home to each other at the end of the day.

2. Our relationship won't always be "50-50."

In an ideal world, we would split all of our mutual responsibilities equally. However, the real world is messy, and sometimes one of us needs to pull more weight than the other. When I'm sick, my boyfriend has no problem doing the laundry and dishes and then lavishing me with back rubs in bed. And when he's working long hours or having a hard day, I will do the same for him. In the end, we both care and love for each other equally, and that's all that matters.

3. We have different ideas about cleanliness.

I'll admit, I'm a bit of a neat freak. My boyfriend is by no means a dirty person, but little things like leaving shoes and clothes lying around bother me a little more than they should. Part of living together has been learning to accept one another's natural tendencies, being patient, and compromising. While my boyfriend still has a tendency to leave things scattered about, he has learned to be more conscientious, and I have learned to relax (a little).

4. Having different schedules can be challenging.

While my days tend to begin pretty early in the mornings, my boyfriend works night shifts, so it can be difficult to schedule mutual activities together, particularly SLEEP. However, the longer we've been together, the better we've been able to accept these differences and work around them. I'm okay with the few hours cuddling in bed together each night, especially because I know this is only temporary.

5. Living together is surprisingly easy.

One of the best things I have found from living with my significant other is that it is actually REALLY EASY. Sometimes I'll hear those nightmare stories about couples who move in together, only to find out that their lifestyles aren't compatible at all. I've been really lucky to find someone who lives so harmoniously with me. For the most part, my boyfriend and I work perfectly together, and that's one of the ways I know he's a keeper.

6. Our relationship is only growing stronger.

Honestly, my boyfriend and I might as well be married already, because the more we learn about one another, the closer we become. I love living with my boyfriend, I love being with him, and I have a feeling that we'll be together forever. Cohabitation is a beautiful thing, and it's one of the most important ways to figure out or wants and needs in a relationship. I just feel lucky I've found my number one.

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5 Ways to Control your Anxiety

Here are five ways to help you control your anxiety that I have found useful on myself.


Throughout my life, I have constantly struggled with anxiety. I remember as a young child having to go to the nurse all the time due to panic attacks I would have in the classroom. Although my anxiety settled as I went into high school, I found myself having panic attacks again as I transitioned into my college life. When I began to open up to my friends and family about my anxiety, I discovered that there are so may people who feel the exact same way that I do. Therefore, here are some tactics that have helped me to be able to to control my anxiety, and I hope they can benefit anyone struggling with anxiety as well.

1. Focus on your breathing.

It is remarkable how much deep breathing can do for you. When suffering through an anxiety attack, everything you think of seems to be spiraling out of control. In my opinion, the last thing I wanted to do was focus on my breathing when it seems like the whole world was crashing down. But the second that I took a deep breath in and out, my anxiety seemed to slowly settle down. Not letting those anxious thoughts enter your mind for a few minutes makes all those big problems seem small. If you are looking for specific ways to focus on breathing, the app Pacifica has a lot of different breathing exercises that have helped me when I am feeling anxious.

 2. Use essential oils.

The first time I used essential oils, my life was changed. For me, essential oils have been some of the most effective methods of stopping my anxiety attacks. The oils are a compounds extracted from plants, and once inhaled through a diffuser or rubbed on the skin, the chemicals interact with your body to calm your nerves and bring yourself down to a more relaxed state. They are not that expensive and can be found at regular convince stores. Personally my favorite oil that I have seen the most affect on lowering my anxiety is lavender oil.

3. Get enough sleep and exercise regularly.

In general, these two have been the hardest to do consistently. When stressed out with school work, or when hanging out with friends it can be easy for time to slip by and to not go to bed early and to forget to exercise. Yet, it is vital to remember how important your body is. When you do not get enough sleep and do not exercise, this can be a major trigger for anxiety attacks. Originally I thought that my anxiety and the amount of sleep and exercise I got were unrelated. Yet, I found that when I got seven hours or more of sleep, and exercised a little bit, I felt so much more awake and alert with less anxiety that day. The nights that you are forced to stay up late (because let's face it, in college there are a lot of those nights) you can catch up on the sleep you miss by taking a nap in the day. But if you are struggling with anxiety, it might be better for you to opt out of the all nighters.

4. Eat healthier foods.

This one can be another hard one to keep up as a college student. I know that the dining halls on my campus seem to provide a lot of foods that are typically not healthy for you. But I guarantee that every dining hall has to offer some sort of fruits and vegetables to students. Anxiety attacks can be provoked through spikes in blood sugar, which are seen when eating sugary, unhealthy food. By making the habit of going away from sugary foods and towards fruits and vegetables, this can stabilize your blood sugar to prevent the rises and dips that can provoke anxiety.

 5. Let your anxiety out.

When you bottle anxiety inside, this can cause for the small thoughts to snowball into huge panic attacks. A way to prevent that snowballing effect is by letting it out. Know that there is nothing wrong with getting help. A great way to let your anxiety out is by taking to someone. All therapy sessions, through a college of through an outside therapy office are completely confidential. This puts a huge weight off of your shoulders after you talk to someone about your problems, and no one even has to know that you went.

For however you are feeling at this moment, know that you are not alone. Here are so many kids out there who feel the same exact emotions that you are feeling. If you feel like you are in crisis mode, or know of anyone who is suffering here are some useful numbers.

National Sucicide prevention Hotline:


National Alliance on Mental Illness Helpline:


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