If you haven’t been paying attention, this past Monday night, Rachel Lindsay, aka the Bachelorette, revealed who her fiancée was in the epic "Bachelorette" season finale. Although I am completely invested in this show now, I wasn’t always. Here are the 5 steps we all go through before you fall in love with the Bachelorette.

1. Come on guys, this show is so stupid

You friends keep talking about this reality show and you insist that it is the dumbest thing you have ever heard of. People getting engaged after only 6 weeks of knowing each other?! You have way better things to do than watch 20 guys fight over some random defense attorney.

Now your friends have turned on you and begin nagging you to watch the show with them. You are forced to defend why you don’t want to watch this show. You insist that the love that is portrayed is fake and will most likely not last and that you don’t care about the people in the show!

So now you are tired of having this argument, so you agree to watch one episode. One episode won’t change your mind, right? You got your poker face on and you are ready to prove to all your friends why this show is ridiculous.

4. Guys, do you want to meet up next Monday?

Damn it, I am now invested! I can’t just watch one episode and not know who she is going to take into the fantasy suites?! I am going to text all my friends now and see who is free to watch the next episode. I will even provide snacks and stuff to make this a weekly event!

5. OH MY GOSH, she chose Bryan?!

WHY?????? I was so Team Peter! I guess Rachel and Bryan are cute, but did you see Peter’s face when they broke up?! I need time to emotionally recover from this finale. Bachelor in Paradise, here I come!