5 Sports Podcast You Should Listen To
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5 Podcasts Sports Fans May Not Be Listening To

I love a wide variety of sports. I love people talking about sports even more. Allow me to show you 5 of my favorites that you may not be hip to.

5 Podcasts Sports Fans May Not Be Listening To

Sports is not just sports anymore. It can be nerdy to like sports. It can be over toxic and gross to like sports. In my opinion, sports is just another form of pop culture — and I love pop culture. For example, Drake has been perhaps the biggest story of the Finals ... and the Raptors are currently up 2 - 1 in the series. That is because all entertainment worlds have collided. So, I figured I'd let people in on my favorite pods to get my sports and pop culture commentary.

Small caveat, I will try to hit a wide array of sports, purposely.

"Total Soccer Show"

This is for the footy fans out there — with a real thirst for thoughtful, unique American soccer coverage. Hosts Daryl and Taylor have a great chemistry and know a little about a lot … and a lot about soccer. They offer everything from in-depth USL coverage to weekly European football round-ups. With the Women's World Cup around the corner there is no better time to start listening.On a somber side note: Daryl was recently diagnosed with cancer and there is a GoFundMe set up for him, here. I encourage you to help if you can.

"The Masked Man Show"

I'm pretty open about my fandom of The Ringer Podcast Network, I've made several mentions the Bill Simmons Podcast in my previous writings. All that to say this is objectively a great show. This is genuinely my only connection to the Wrestling world and I feel pretty well informed and entertained. I'm also not here to debate whether or not Wrestling is a sport, my guy. Give this pod and one of my newest favorite media personalities David Shoemaker a chance.

"Monday Morning Podcast"

Bill Burr - The NBA Finals - allenpalinwww.youtube.com

OK, this is a stretch (to those who know this pod) to call it sports specific … but hear me out. Host Bill Burr may genuinely be the funniest person on earth. At the very least his takes on a subject are completely his own. And whenever there is a major sporting event you can bet ol' billy red face is gonna have something to say about it. Especially when Boston is involved in anything important. Psst, if you didn't know the Bruins were in the Stanley Cup Final, well, they are. So go listen to Burr ramble about them. If you want an easier route to Burr's take on sports, check out more of Allen Palin on YouTube, but all of Burr's pods are worth it.

"The Starters"

NBA Daily Show: June 5 - The Starterswww.youtube.com

I'm really surprised these guys aren't more famous. The Starters consist of J.E. Skeets, the Aussie Leigh Ellis, the bearded one Trey Kirby (a-yo), and Tas Melas. What's unique about the Starters is their podcast is just an audio rip of their daily TV show on NBATV. What makes this pod special is their classic editions of their long-form show, "The Drop." On those shows they bring in their producers of the program Matt and JD who have a real chemistry with the group. As the NBA finals continue you should subscribe before you lose your chance to hear them until next season. Also a fair amount of them are Canadian, if that moves the needle for you.

"Always Aggravated with Mike Valenti"

Mike Valenti - Always Aggravated Episode 30 6/5/2019 Season Tickets?www.youtube.com

Make no mistake; this is not simply a pick for the Detroit Metro area sports fans. I think anyone could enjoy listening to Mike, David, Roberto, and Sully give their takes on the national sports conversation and, of course, "Game of Thrones." For local fans who have made their mind up on Valenti, I implore you to give him a chance through the pod. It's far less Detroit-centric sports-wise, though.

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