Two dreaded words that no one likes to be reminded of: finals week. Unfortunately, that time is now upon us, fellow college students. We're oh so close to the end of the semester, and hopefully all of our hard work is paying off. We stay up until all hours of the night, sneaking in a quick ten minute nap every now and then, if we're lucky. We make notecard after notecard, trying to cram in hundreds of vocab words into our already full brains. We continue to write papers, nervous as ever turning them into our professors. It seems that they don't understand that on top of their class, we're also taking four others. On top of studying for hours on end, drinking coffee like its your job and writing paper after paper, it seems as if we'll never make it out. As 3 am strikes again, it's hard to imagine that we'll ever make it through. It's hard to remember that soon we'll get to go home for a whole month, enjoying home cooked meals and time with our family and friends. And, let's be honest, at the end of finals week, we're ready to celebrate. Here's five songs to jam to after finals week:

1. Shake It Off- Taylor Swift

Taylor reminds us to shake it off, that is, shake off the nerves about finals week! At this point, you're more focused on doing absolutely nothing then the grades you're going to receive, and who says that's necessarily a bad thing?!

2. Stand- Rascal Flatts

So finals week might have shoved you around a little bit. It may have made you feel the need to call your mom and cry at least once. It may have tested your patience and your hopes of finishing college, but in the end it was all worth you. This song reminds you just how much stronger you are now that you're done.

3. Roar- Katy Perry

Either you're going to roar with happiness or roar with anger when you see your final grades, there's no in between.

4. Let It Go- Elsa

This ice princess said it herself, let it go. Let go of all the stress. Let go of the worries about what grades you'll receive. Let go of the sleepless nights. Just let it all go.

5. I Love College- Asher Roth

It doesn't matter how much stress you had or how many tears you shed in the past week, we still all love college, and more importantly, we'll be ready to go back soon enough.