Reading has always been something that you love. You have spent many summers visiting the library, winter breaks curled up on the couch with a book in hand, and you even enjoyed the reading assignments you received throughout school. Reading is one of your favorite pastimes and you really don’t understand people who don’t read for fun. As you flip through page after page in book after book, you realize that you very well could have a problem. You finish one book and immediately start another. Eventually it hits you — you just might be addicted. But what are the signs of a true book addict?

Shopping for books is the only shopping that you really enjoy.

Regardless of whether it is Barnes and Noble or a local bookstore, you could easily spend hours walking around and searching through books. For you book shopping far surpasses all other shopping, and you are completely in denial about how much room you actually have on your shelves at home for new additions. You also probably have your own unique and effective method for covering your favorite bookstore, as a way to ensure that not a single book is left untouched.

You have a reading list that is long enough to last you until next year.

A reading list is not something to be assembled without care. It is a compilation of all of your reading dreams and desires. These lists take time to make and are usually endless, as you cross one book off and add three more in its place.

You carry a book around with you, just in case you have a spare second to read.

You never really know when you are going to come across some free time. So, you slip whatever book you are reading into your purse or backpack, just in case.

Developing emotional attachments to the characters in the books you read is completely normal for you.

After going on a several hundred-page journey with these people, you feel like you really know them. Whenever something bad happens to one of them, you can’t help but react emotionally. And when the book is over, you can’t help but feel a little sad. You were a part of their lives, after all.

Reading is something that you do to relax.

To some people, reading is something that they get enough of from school. But to you, it’s something that you enjoy doing as a break. Binge reading is a very real concept to you, and you unwind best by immersing yourself in the pages of a book.

If any number of these apply to you, chances are, you may be a little addicted to reading. But don’t panic. Grab a book, find a cozy spot, and carry on because reading is good for the soul.