5 Signs to Spot in a Non-Morning Person
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5 Signs to Spot in a Non-Morning Person

The early bird doesn't want to wake up that early to get the worm

5 Signs to Spot in a Non-Morning Person
Sasint / CC0 Creative Commons
"The early bird gets the worm," but the bird was not a morning bird...
"I don't like you in the morning," -friend

First and Foremost, I apologize to everyone who talks to me in the morning (early morning).

I'm not a morning person.

I'm not the "early bird gets the worm" type of person, and I'm not the person to wake up before dawn. Even though, there are benefits to being a morning person than being an evening person or a night owl, but not everyone wants to, or tries to be one.

Yet in the world we live in, where most businesses are open the earliest as possible, we all at one point have to wake up at a weirdly early hour. There are ways to spot someone who regularly wakes up at 5:15am, (even on their day off), and people who snooze that 6:00am alarm until they officially have to be out the door to be on time. Here are the signs to look out for when it comes to realizing you're not a morning person or finding out your friend isn't one either.

1. Grumpiness

Grumpy because they realized they probably should have gone to bed earlier, and didn't. Grumpy because they are fighting the sleepiness, or their sleepy selves. They will respond to almost everything in a grumpy tone. They might be a completely different person than their former selves.

2. Slumped Walk

Slumped Walk or the walk where it looks like someone is dragging their feet. This happens the moment they wake up to until they are fully awake. They might walk into a wall and shake it off. They might be barely holding their head up when they sit down to eat breakfast. They might hit themselves on the corner of the coffee table.

3. Confused Conversation

They can't grasp nor hold in-depth conversations. Some might be more sarcastic than usual. In some cases, the conversation might consist of them starring until they finally understand what was asked of them. (Might take a moment for them to snap back to reality).

4. Chilly Morning Jitter

The misty chill that makes one question whether it will be warmer later in the day or if they should grab a sweater before they walk out the door.

5. Daydreaming

Once they are up and finally moving and being productive, there is still a thought in the back of their mind where they still hope to squeeze in a nap in their free time that day.

We can try to be morning people, and wake up before 7am, but it won't look the same for all of us. Some of us are cheery, happy people who will greet everyone they see with a "Good Morning," or "Beautiful day isn't it?." But some of us, when we wake up earlier than what we are used to, we can barely mutter out a "morning."

Be patient with those non-early morning people, they need some time to warm up to return to their normal selves.

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