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5 Good Songs To Listen To On A Road Trip

Everyone needs some good music for a long ride

5 Good Songs To Listen To On A Road Trip
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As of June 21st, it is officially summer. Everyone knows that the summer season brings with it the perfect weather for road trips. There is nothing that is more satisfying than rolling down the windows of the car while you are on the highway. The only way to make that moment even better is a good playlist. Here are five perfect songs to add to your playlist for a perfect road trip:

Avicii- Wake Me Up

Whenever I think of this song, I immediately think "road trip". This song sung by Aloe Blacc and produced by the late Swedish Dj Avicii is an uplifting anthem about the power of dreams and ambitions. This song has had much commercial success because of its catchy composition. If you only consider one song from this list for your road trip playlist, this is the perfect one.

Bruno Mars- Locked Out Of Heaven

Although this is one of Bruno Mars' older songs, it is possibly one of his best. We all have to admit that "Locked Out Of Heaven" may have been one of the most overplayed songs on the radio when it was released in 2012. The pop-rock track is admittedly addictive. Whether that is because of its overuse in 2012 or its superb syncopation is entirely up for debate.

Post Malone- Deja Vu

There is something about Post Malone's music that makes many of us get into our feelings. It was admittedly hard to pick just one of his songs for this list. Deja Vu is a song that gives listeners the perfect vibe for a cruise down a highway. Malone's gritty voice put against Justin Bieber's soft tone makes for an amazing track that sets a great atmosphere for a good ride.

King Princess- 1950

This is one of the newer and more alternative tracks on this list, but it should be given a chance nonetheless. King Princess' debut single "1950" is a song about her experiences with love in the LGBTQ+ community. Although the song appears to have a "target audience" it is a soulful listen. King Princess' voice has a flow and tone like no other. This song is perfect for a road trip because singing about love on the open road with the window down and the wind blowing in your hair can be an ethereal experience.

Ariana Grande- Dangerous Woman

Any Ariana Grande song is a no brainer for a road trip playlist. Grande's voice is strong and sensual in all of her tracks. Dangerous Woman which was released on Grande's third studio album is an anthem for individuals who are taking control of their lives. There is something about singing along with Grande in this track that makes you feel fierce and powerful. Who does not want to feel like a "dangerous woman" while driving down the highway?

This list is a short one because I am sure many of our road trip playlists are already a few hours long. Before your next long journey in the car, consider adding one of these satisfying tracks to your playlist. Always remember to drive safely and make sure you make good memories on the road this summer.

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