5 Easy And Delicious Recipes To Help You Cut Carbs
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5 Easy And Delicious Recipes To Help You Cut Carbs

No bread? No problems!

5 Easy And Delicious Recipes To Help You Cut Carbs

Do you remember the food pyramid you learned about when you were in school? It probably looked a lot like this:

Right? Well, some new research shows that low-carb diets may actually be the best way for us to eat, especially if we are trying to lose weight. Rather than load up on pasta and bread, we should be eating lots of veggies and foods higher in fats than carbohydrates, such as red meats, avocados, cheeses, and eggs. Of course, you still want to leave all those surgery and processed foods out for the most part.

But nobody loves a good bagel like I do, so trust me, I know it can seem intimidating when you start to cut carbs. We as Americans have built the foundation of our diets on carbs, just like the food pyramid suggested. I began dabbling in a low carb diet the beginning of the summer, and I have compiled some really tasty recipes along the way that can help you stick it out as you transition away from your carbohydrate-heavy way of life into a much healthier and energized one.

1. Almond Flour Waffles

These things are incredible, and this recipe by LowCarbYum (a lifesaver, by the way) has become a breakfast staple at my house. Seriously, we are talking 2-3 times a week. The texture is a little different than the traditional waffle because of the different flour, but these waffles are perfect to satisfy a craving and keep you on track all at once.

2. Zero Carb Egg Drop Soup

This stuff will blow your mind and it is SO EASY. I'm talking start to finish, made it 10 minutes or less. And it's surprisingly filling for a soup, especially given you have to give up those fried noodles for true low carb. All you really need is egg and bone broth, so this one wins as being easy, quick to prep, and cheap! Plus, you probably always have eggs lying around, so this recipe is there for you in a pinch.

3. Cheesy Low Carb Creamed Spinach

Another winner by LowCarbYum, this recipe makes a great side dish to which even the pickiest of eaters won't be able to say no. It's a great way to get some greens in without giving up great taste, and it's pretty easy to make!

4. Cheesy Bacon Chicken

These three foods will be a staple on low carb, I can promise you that. Throw them together and you can always make a delicious meal. This easy, five ingredient recipe proves just that. I made this as part of a meal for friends one night, and it was beloved by all. Besides, who can scoff at five minute prep?

5. Keto (super low carb) Brownies

You know we couldn't forget dessert. Keto Connect is a great resource for anyone on a low carb/ketogenic diet, and they are always experimenting in the kitchen so you don't have to. Here, they provide you with a pretty simple recipe, and they've already worked out all the kinks so you don't have to. Going low carb doesn't mean giving up everything you love, and this yummy brownie recipe is here to prove it.

Low cab doesn't have to be sad or boring. We are fortunate to have so many alternatives to our favorite recipes, and it's never a bad thing to broaden your food repertoire. Why not give it try?

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