5 Reasons Why I Changed My Major, And Why It Was The Best Decision I Ever Made

When we graduate from high school, there's a question that most students get when they enter into their freshman year of college: So what are you going to major in? A lot of students don't know in all actuality, but the world's misconception is that we all have a solidified passion and clear understanding of what we want to do with our lives. If we don't know, parents become worried and maybe even start to pressure their kids into a certain career path. For me, I knew that I always wanted to be a teacher. For three years of my college career, I dedicated my time to study being a music teacher. Through some failures and overwhelming amounts of stress, I was faced with an ultimatum: Do I keep trying and risk a falling GPA in something that's making my hair literally thin and fall out and anxiety or do I take a leap of faith and change my major? Here are 5 reasons why I changed, and why I'm so happy now:

1. I Was Falling Behind and Sacrificing My Grades

Thinking back on it now, if I had a better experience and teaching during my freshman year, I could have had a shot in continuing music education. But two years of taking the same classes and not seeing the grades that I wanted, I decided to take on a major that would adhere to my strengths and not my weaknesses. I full support my other friends in being fantastic music teachers, and I will happily teach about grammar and it honestly excites me so much. Somebody has to love it, and that's me!

2. I Became Unhealthily Stressed and Depressed

Before I changed my major, I fought so hard in all of my classes and developed very unhealthy anxiety and depression. I lost my motivation, started losing clumps of hair (yes, clumps just by running my fingers through my hair!) and wanting to just stay in bed and avoid my friends because I felt completely worthless and alone.

3. I Didn't Want to Disappoint my Family

One of the biggest reasons that kids go to college is because they were inspired by their parents and want to make them proud. I knew that if I continued down my current major path, I could potentially have to move back home and away from an amazing school and a wonderful environment. I wasn't happy, but now I have a new outlook on my future and I know that I will achieve success and also make my parents proud.

4. I Lost My Love For Something I Was Passionate About

This applies to so many students and their experiences in college, because we want a major that reflects what we love. For example, if an athlete has a bad coach but loves the sport, they are more likely to give up their passions and walk away from the sport. When I was in my choral ensembles, I loved music so much but my music classes were draining me of so much time and energy that I no longer thought of music as a wonderful thing. Now I can continue to love music deeply and still teach, just a different subject!

5. It Was An Unexpected But Much Needed Change

By the end of my junior year, I had gained weight, I was constantly sick, and I never felt happy. I had started going to therapy and that was helping, but I felt so lost and confused in the situation I was in. I didn't go to college expecting to change my major, but now my health and well-being had to come into account and I decided to follow my gut and God's guidance and now I'm no longer overwhelmed but excited about the future that God has in store for me. I'll be in school for an extra semester, but that means so little compared to my health and happiness.

College is the time where you find yourself, and you find what your strengths are. Your dreams are achievable, even if they come unexpectedly. Don't sacrifice your happiness for expectation, and be in college until you finish a degree that you're truly proud to have. This is YOUR journey, not someone else's. Be brave, be bold, and blaze the trail.

You will have an awesome semester!

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