Why Should I Go Vegetarian?
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5 Reasons To Go Vegetarian In A Country That Loves Meat

I'm a vegetarian, you're a vegetarian, we're all vegetarians!

5 Reasons To Go Vegetarian In A Country That Loves Meat

Choosing to live by a vegetarian diet has become more popular over the years. More and more often I'm seeing vegetarian and vegan options offered in restaurants. And the more people I talk to, the more I realize that vegetarianism is here to stay.

Every vegetarian has their own reason for going meatless. Some are doing it for personal health reasons. Others see vegetarianism as the best way to save the world. A small amount of people might just be doing it because they want to follow the most popular fad and seem cool when they say, "I'm a vegetarian," at every family gathering.

No matter why people are interested in a veggie lifestyle, there are countless reasons that make being a vegetarians seem appealing. Here are 6 wa

1. Avoiding cardiovascular disease

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Tons of research shows that meat is directly connected to a person's likeliness of having heart problems, so if you're looking to live a long and happy life without cardiovascular disease, try going vegetarian.

2. Respecting animal rights

Why do we treat some animals as best friends by allowing them into our homes as pets, while we only let other animals into our houses if they're on a dinner plate?

3. Helping the environment

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The meat industry is one of the main causes of global warming. If you think recycling is important, then you should also get on board with vegetarianism

4. Getting that summer body


Vegetarian food options are quite healthy, considering that the word "vegetable" is the root of the word "vegetarian." Going vegetarian will help you clean up your diet which will also help you shed a few pounds. Don't you want to get your summer body ready? (But, honestly, don't worry about conventional beauty standards. The main point is that eating vegetarian is healthy!)

5. Saving money


While most people complain that eating healthy is too expensive, eating vegetarian will actually save you money in the long run. Don't believe me? Go to any store and compare the prices of packaged meat with the prices of fresh vegetables.

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