5 Reasons Why Anything Is Better Than High School
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5 Reasons Why Anything Is Better Than High School

High school kinda sucked.

5 Reasons Why Anything Is Better Than High School
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Graduating high school is the best thing that could happen to anyone! Honestly, the freedoms you receive after leaving that mini-Hogwarts world of torture are amazing. Whether you enter the work force straight after graduation or you head off to college... one thing is for sure: anything is better than high school. Yes, you gain more responsibilities... but you gain so much more independence, and that feels good. Which is why there are so many reasons to feel sorry for those that still have to suffer from more years of high school.

1. High schoolers are required to go to class!

OK, to think that there was a time that I actually had to show up to class, or stand a chance of my parents getting hounded by the school; leaves me in total shock. Like, if I don't show up to class in college...I just lose points off of my grade...not get the attendance office to call both of my parents. Geeze, "AIN'T NOBODY GOT TIME FO' DAT"!


The amount of tests people take in high school is absolutely RIDICULOUS! Why the heck are tests being given at the end of every two weeks? Like, what is the purpose...it's not like anyone is going to remember that information after one night of cram studying before the test. Plus, those stupid Standardized Tests were a freaking joke. The measurement of your standard knowledge of the things you have learned in the last days in school is pointless. It's not the students nor the teachers' fault that typical state requirements of course material are completely dry, boring, and rushed through each year; of course, some people are going to score "BELOW AVERAGE". Life after high school = Mid-Term exams, and a few quizzes; or, no more educational testing at all.

3. Lunch Sucks

Those artificial chicken tenders and fries... the cardboard tasting pizza, and that awful ranch dipping sauce. It's like high school cafeteria's intentionally purchased off-brand, tasteless, food. Basically, if you don't pack your lunch in high school...yeah, you are just screwed. Leaving high school means, freedom to eat whatever you want with your money.

4. Family Can Be Annoying AF!

We all love our family (or at least I hope you do...), but let's admit it; living with them can get irritating at times. You are living under your parents' roof, so that means you have abide by their rules. It does not matter how many arguments you have with them, in high school, your parents are going to get on your nerves. They set curfews, question you all the time, and tell you what to do. And the siblings, they aren't much different. Thankfully, after high school, you have the chance to distance yourselves from each other. It's amazing, once you're gone everyone seems to miss you so much...even though they treated you like crap a few months before.


I don't care what anyone says, graduating from high school gives you a sense of entitlement and freedom. It should, graduating is a HUGE accomplishment.Yeah, you miss things about high school, but you won't ever miss enough to where you will want to go back. I can almost guarantee that. Like, you may want to revisit certain moments of your high school career, but like actually re-enrolling...yeah, no one has ever wanted to do that (if they graduated). Unless they're some very odd human-alien thingy. It's sad that kids have to endure that educational enslavement this year. I'm free, and it feels so good.

For those of you that have graduated, give yourself a round-of-applause... You made it. As for those with more time to serve in the high school jail system... Our thoughts, cares, and laughters are with you.

Good Luck with this school year!

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