5 Reasons You Should Be Watching "Bojack Horseman"
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5 Reasons You Should Be Watching "Bojack Horseman"

Quit horsin' around and watch this Netflix original series.

5 Reasons You Should Be Watching "Bojack Horseman"

"BoJack Horseman," a Netflix original series, stars a talking horse that spends his days drinking whiskey and trying to boost his decaying relevance in an anthropomorphic version of Hollywood. Will Arnett plays BoJack Horseman, a D-List celebrity whose claim to fame was starring in "Horsin' Around," a popular sitcom in the 90s. His status as a alcoholic, self-deprecating horse isn’t a huge deal in this realm, where his publisher is a penguin, his manager a pink cat, and his roommate a human named Todd, played by Aaron Paul.

I was drawn to "BoJack"as it appeared to be one of those vulgar shows you doze off to on the couch at 3 a.m. However, as the narrative progresses through the first season there is absolutely no chance of dozing off during each 20-minute episode. It’s a dark, funny, complex and delightful series. You follow BoJack through his ploys of regaining any leftover fame he can scrape together, which includes a memoir and landing a huge role as Secretariat, any talking horse's dream. You remain engaged by following BoJack through his disbaraged mental state and sardonic ploys at finding love and happiness.

1. It's absolutely hilarious.

The twisted, dark humor is juxtaposed beautifully against the brightly colored animation and childlike, visual aesthetics. The writing includes dramatic and natural dialogue, often followed by a smirk inducing one-liner that leaves a perfect balance between storytelling and comedic intent.

2. The active personification of animal characters makes for perfect, subtle jokes.

Being that this show takes place in a world where humans and animals mingle on the daily, it’s important to take a look at the background characters. If you binge-watched the series like I did, you might have missed some of these gems, such as the chicken who lays an egg when excited…

Or the giraffe working as a valet...

Or this woodpecker after the caffeine kicks in.

3. It goes deeper than just jokes and follows BoJack's struggle with depression.

Among the jokes and silly antics, the show dives into a much darker subject. No matter how much Bojack tries to deny its existence, his struggle with depression eagerly presents itself in every episode. Although the show is built in a fantasy realm, it’s seriously real. The series is full of cynical characters, including Bojack’s ghostwriter, Diane Nguyen, who is consistently by the actor’s side during the harsh hits of reality, each find themselves pondering the cruelness of the human condition. Yeah, I know, it's pretty heavy stuff. Hard to believe this is both an animated series and a comedy.

4. It brilliantly parodies modern pop culture.

With guest star cameos such as Daniel Radcliffe and Henry Winkler, the series plays with modern Hollywood influences to make it relevant and fun. There are references geared towards millennials and Gen X’s alike, such as fabulous puns like LuLuLemming, a dolphin waiter named Marlin Brando, and other background jokes that show how much the creators care about every intricate detail. Kristen Schaal voices Sarah Lynn, Bojack’s former co-star, who grows up to be a Lindsay Lohan-type hot mess who even dates some version of Andrew Garfield as well.

5. It validates your bad feelings in the best way possible.

This cartoon horse is the epitome of self-loathing narcissism. Bojack often reflects upon his unhappiness and often tries to get to the root of it. Season 2 dives deeper into the stem of his issues and explores his childhood of having lived in a broken home with occasional domestic abuse. With this being said, the show suggests varying justifications of why his depression exists on this level, and also suggests that you are not as complex as you think you are. Your feelings, however you choose to express them, are validated and universally shared.

You can watch this show and love it, but the real appreciation lies in the rewatch. The quick-witted dialogue and constant background jokes are as genuine as the intricate unraveling of the bigger plot. This comedic sitcom is unique and gets it right in most places that other sitcoms fall short. There is a great amount of underlying foreshadowing along with a structurally, convoluted balance between story and humor. Season 3 can't come soon enough.

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