5 Reasons I LOVE Being A Container Store Employee!

5 Reasons I LOVE Being A Container Store Employee!

Seize the Day in STA!!!


1. The Employee First Culture

The Container Store has blown my mind over and over again this past month in showing me how they all truly care for their employees. They sent me to rest when I was feeling sick, have fed me over an over again (we all love food here) and have gotten to know me as a person. (My managers have brought up little tidbits about myself that I didn't even realize they would remember from a long ago conversation and truly made me feel like I was special to them. )

2. The extensive training they give all of their employees.

What I love so much, is really that they want us to succeed. The Container Store brings in an amazing team of new store trainers to help open a new store and these people are brilliant, from every walk of life everywhere in the country. These people have become our friends, and have made us all feel like a family far and wide. We've spent almost an entire month getting trained and ready right inside our brand new store and it has been a great experience.

3. The AMAZING product.

so you don't just sell containers? NOPE. think bed bath and beyond AND THEN SOME. Think every product you never thought you needed, but you do.

4. The unity of our employees.

I know I touched on our Employee First Culture, but in a few short weeks our team of almost 50 people has become a large family. I am grateful for these people and everything we've learned together and about each other. There is something special in each person hand picked for this team.

5. Our Air of Excitement

No matter what an employee's role is in this company, everybody is happy to do their part! I have watched all of my coworkers succeed and thrive through training and our opening day festivities and it makes me proud to be part of such an amazing team. Each and every team member is truly excited about their jobs, and offering the BEST customer service to everybody who walks through our front doors!

There are so many more great reasons to love being a Container Store employee, and our What We Stand For blog showcases a variety of these reasons right here : http://standfor.containerstore.com

This list was just a few of mine!

So come visit us at the newest Staten Island location!!! Grand Opening was Saturday October 28th 2017 and we are ready to bring these exciting new products to you!

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