5 Practices For Daily Refreshment
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5 Practices For Daily Refreshment

It's a crazy life. Allow yourself to take a break.

5 Practices For Daily Refreshment
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As school restarts and summer passes, our days become more hectic. As a result, we make less time for ourselves and end up feeling burned out and exhausted (mentally, physically and emotionally). These five techniques will bring a breath of fresh air and small peaceful moments to your daily life for the betterment of you.

1. Wake up early.

Everyone knows how challenging it can be to get enough sleep, especially as a college student or working person. Trying to balance work, school, a social life and rest is not an easy feat. However, waking up early (or at a reasonable hour) has benefits. Suddenly your day becomes longer, and thus, you are able to get more done. You have time to eat a healthy and filling breakfast. You can finish up that last bit of homework or studying before your class. You can even dress up on an average day justbecause you want to and now have the time to do so. Plus, adding a reasonable bedtime to your schedule will help you catch all the z’s you need.

2. Exercise.

It can be challenging to get up in the morning to get the exercise you need. If this is the case for you, try exercising in the evening or at night when you may be hitting an energy slump. Not only will it be helpful to you health-wise, but exercising can help boost your energy and even help you learn better. If you don’t like repetitive workouts, try some HIIT (high intensity interval training). You can get in a full workout in only 20 minutes with the added benefit of continued calorie burning post exercise.

3. Read a devotional/motivational piece.

Starting or ending your day with a devotional or inspirational work allows for spiritual and emotional strengthening. There are many wonderful books and studies suited to the individual and their personal needs. Not only can these help you connect with yourself and your faith, but you’ll be better prepared to face the day or more at peace for a goodnight’s sleep.

4. Drink some tea (or coffee).

I absolutely adore drinking tea. If I am not able to get at least one cup of English tea in my day, it feels incomplete. Drinking tea or coffee will invigorate your taste buds and give you the energy you need (if it’s caffeinated). Green tea is packed with antioxidants, mint tea enhances relaxation and fruity teas are wonderful for chilling. Brew your tea (or serve your coffee) in a pretty teapot and pour your luxurious drink into a fancy teacup. Tea time, anytime.

5. Write in a journal.

I find writing to be a relaxing and releasing activity. Putting your thoughts to paper at the end of each day could help you solve problems, ease your mind and reduce stress. Making a list of things you are thankful for brings warmth and joy to your mind and soul and keeping a list of prayer requests and praises allows us to serve others and give thanks to God for everything we’ve been blessed with. Activities like this may even be beneficial to reducing the effects of mental illness.

Whatever methods you have to bring joy and peace to your life, adding a few of these may help to encourage your growth. When the world around us becomes a place filled with hardships and heartbreaking news, we need to find time to realign ourselves with the positivity in our lives and the happiness found in the small moments. Stay strong. Love on. Live abundantly.

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