5 Poetry Books I Highly Recommend

Anyone who knows me, knows that I love poetry. I love writing it, performing it, watching it, and especially, reading it. I have a vast collection of poetry books and chapbooks, with authors ranging from Emily Dickinson to Bo Burnham. I know that there are some people that are interested in poetry but don't know where to start. I decided to make a list of poetry books that are good to start out with if you're interested in poetry.

Egghead or How to Survive on Ideas Alone by Bo Burnham


I love Bo Burnham's comedy shows on Netflix and when I found out that he wrote a poetry book, I was ELATED. A few years ago I got his book on my Kindle, but I recently got the hard copy so I can lend it to people! (Sidenote: aren't hard copies of books just the best? Like holding the physical copy and smelling the pages and making room for it on your bookshelf is so satisfying! I digress.) Bo's book is like adult Shel Silverstein, and I think that's all I need to say to explain it. You should read it!

Today Means Amen by Sierra DeMulder


I absolutely love Sierra and I love all of her poetry! This is her most recent book and it has one of my favorite poems of all time in it. Sierra's poems are easy to digest and each one is so meaningful and written with such love and emotion. I love her and you should too, so read her book!

What We Buried by Caitlyn Siehl


I have been a fan of Caitlyn's work since I was in high school, but I only bought her book relatively recently. Her writing is so calming and meaningful. She has a lot of poems where I just have to stop and say, "Oh my God I feel that!" She's so great and she just released an updated version of this book and it's only 5 dollars! Buy it, read it, love it!

The Future by Neil Hilborn


Neil is another poet that I have loved for years and years and will love forever. He has an amazing sense of humor that comes out so well in his poetry. His poems in this book range from his loathing of cats to his mental health. It takes you on a roller coaster of emotions and it's a wild ride, but one that I would go on again. It's so good read it!!

I Love My Love by Reyna Biddy


Honestly I forget about this book, but then I see it on my bookshelf and I'm like, "Oh yeah that one is a really good one." and it is! It's so nice and full of poems about self love and confidence and finding and figuring out those things. It's a nice comfortable read and great for people who want to get into poetry. You should read it!

I hope you found these to be good suggestions! I love all of these books and I hope some of you read these and love them too!!

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