5 Poetry Books I Highly Recommend

5 Poetry Books I Highly Recommend

If you want to get into poetry you should start here!


Anyone who knows me, knows that I love poetry. I love writing it, performing it, watching it, and especially, reading it. I have a vast collection of poetry books and chapbooks, with authors ranging from Emily Dickinson to Bo Burnham. I know that there are some people that are interested in poetry but don't know where to start. I decided to make a list of poetry books that are good to start out with if you're interested in poetry.

Egghead or How to Survive on Ideas Alone by Bo Burnham


I love Bo Burnham's comedy shows on Netflix and when I found out that he wrote a poetry book, I was ELATED. A few years ago I got his book on my Kindle, but I recently got the hard copy so I can lend it to people! (Sidenote: aren't hard copies of books just the best? Like holding the physical copy and smelling the pages and making room for it on your bookshelf is so satisfying! I digress.) Bo's book is like adult Shel Silverstein, and I think that's all I need to say to explain it. You should read it!

Today Means Amen by Sierra DeMulder


I absolutely love Sierra and I love all of her poetry! This is her most recent book and it has one of my favorite poems of all time in it. Sierra's poems are easy to digest and each one is so meaningful and written with such love and emotion. I love her and you should too, so read her book!

What We Buried by Caitlyn Siehl


I have been a fan of Caitlyn's work since I was in high school, but I only bought her book relatively recently. Her writing is so calming and meaningful. She has a lot of poems where I just have to stop and say, "Oh my God I feel that!" She's so great and she just released an updated version of this book and it's only 5 dollars! Buy it, read it, love it!

The Future by Neil Hilborn


Neil is another poet that I have loved for years and years and will love forever. He has an amazing sense of humor that comes out so well in his poetry. His poems in this book range from his loathing of cats to his mental health. It takes you on a roller coaster of emotions and it's a wild ride, but one that I would go on again. It's so good read it!!

I Love My Love by Reyna Biddy


Honestly I forget about this book, but then I see it on my bookshelf and I'm like, "Oh yeah that one is a really good one." and it is! It's so nice and full of poems about self love and confidence and finding and figuring out those things. It's a nice comfortable read and great for people who want to get into poetry. You should read it!

I hope you found these to be good suggestions! I love all of these books and I hope some of you read these and love them too!!

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5 Reasons Girls Today Are Modern Ted Bundy Bait

Just because you can brag about it and post it, doesn't necessarily mean you should.


Ted Bundy's outer appearance was one many girls look for in a man. But what he was hiding inside him is what many predators hold within themselves every day.

1. Girls today will give their address out to anyone. 

Hello, Jessica, Just because you live on 23 Nun ya BLVD doesn't mean you post it all over facebook. This opens your entire world up to predators who are lurking right outside your window.

2. Girls today will get in the car with anyone! 

Just because that boy at the bar was friendly DOES NOT mean he isn't dangerous. I mean, Ted met Liz at the bar and took care of her child and her all while raping and slaughtering innocent women. He may be cute but he isn't cute enough for you to die over. That Uber driver might have five stars but are those five stars for his driving performance or his ability to hide a murder so well???

3. Girls today post everything on social media. 

Girl congrats on that new dining room table but did you know I can see that your door is unlocked in the background of that picture or that your window doesn't have a lock on it and can easily be shimmed open by a butter knife.

4. Girls today trust to easily. 

Yes, he's complimenting you on the new dress that you just bought or the makeup you spent hours trying to perfect. But that doesn't mean he actually likes it or that he's actually a safe person to tell your business too.

5. Girls today don't UNDERSTAND how that can be snatched in one second. 

Girls today don't understand how in just one minute their whole life can change just by one post or conversation they had with one person. Predators are everywhere and they sometimes seem to be the nicest people. Instead, they are the most dangerous people and the ones who can and will hurt you as soon as they get the chance. All because of a piece of information you so willingly gave to them or the world.

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ESA in College

I'm so glad I have her in my life, but sometimes I wonder what it would be to be a normal person.


You have a cat? What's her name, how old is she, where did you get her from, what's her backstory? Are you supposed to have a cat in your room? Is it messy with a cat? How does she live in a small college dorm room? How do you get an ESA? What's wrong with you? Can I get one too?

Whenever people find out I have an Emotional Support Animal (ESA) all I get is questions. Yes, I have a cat. Her name is Kalani, and she is 1. I went to the shelter asking for a specific cat only to find out he was adopted the day before. I asked them what cat would be a good ESA that could live in a dorm, and they directed me to Kalani. I only had to meet her once to know that she was the one. Kalani loves everyone and is always full of energy. She always knows when something is wrong and is always by your side. Since she's so young, she's super curious and her curiosity/stupidity makes me cry laughing almost everyday. We don't know her backstory and since it seems there's nothing/no one she's afraid of, I'm okay with not knowing.

Yes, I'm supposed to have a cat in my room. I have done the paperwork and it has been approved. You're allowed to have your prescription medicine in your room, it's the same thing. She is for my health. The messy question always trips me up. Food, litter, etc. there is no mess, but if you're talking about toys, yes there's always toys on the floor. She's little, she likes to play, and I have classes so I can't play with her every second of the day. She's perfectly fine in a dorm.

The questions that always hurt the most is people asking "What is wrong with you?" or "I want a cat, how do I get one?". I have mental illnesses, I need her. If I didn't have to have her here I probably wouldn't. Yes, a cat at college is nice, but YOU are responsible for her care. You can't just leave for the weekend without packing her up and taking her too. You have to be aware of where she is everytime you open that door. You have to put up with the endless questions. You have to put up with her standing on what you are working on (laptop, homework, food, etc.) and pushing things off the table. You have to put up with every annoying thing an animal does and give it all the attention in the world, even when you want to be left alone. Don't get me wrong, an animal at college is nice, it's one less thing you have to miss from home, but it's not as fun as it seems.

I need her more than anything. She's better than any medicine I've tried, any friend I've called during a breakdown, and any therapist I've been to. I have depression, anxiety, PTSD, and social anxiety disorder. The collection of those things make life really hard, especially in a new place like college. An ESA makes it bearable, or at least it's bearable having something there to help with every breakdown. The nights when I'm sobbing for no reason, having panic attacks because of my past, overthinking about everything I wish I could change in my life, lonely, or having a bad day; she's there no matter what.

I'm so glad I have her in my life, but sometimes I wonder what it would be to be a normal person. To be able to out and have fun, not have to worry about an animal in my room,not be so scared someone will find out about Kalani and having to try to explain that I'm screwed up so much I have an ESA, and not be scared every roommate will leave me because they can't put up with either my moods or Kalani misbehaving.

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