Finals weeks is a time that most people do not associate with any positive emotions. It is full of stress, sadness, and a lack of a will to keep going. But, it isn't all bad, there are definitely some things about finals week that remind you that life isn't all bad. Although it probably does not outnumber all the bad things, it at least makes the weak the slightest bit more bearable. This is to all those little moments that remind me why I should stay in school.

You get to spend all week with your friends...


Finals week means you and your friends will be spending all day studying for any exams that you have. This means, that you most likely will be spending all day with your closest friends crammed in a room trying to inspire each other to do work and study. You will probably get yelled at for not paying attention, but also will get to scream at someone else for not paying attention either. The best part is that when you need to take a break, all your friends are already there to take your mind off of your stress.

You will probably eat out all of the time...


Since you are going to be working and studying all day, you definitely will not have time to go grocery shopping or make any food. This means that you will be ordering food almost everyday. And if you can make food or go to a dining hall, you most likely will be "treating yourself" by eating all your favorite meals. Nothing is better for your soul than eating all the food you love the most.

You have no classes...


After having had a semester worth of classes, nothing is more exciting then knowing you do not have to go anywhere during the day expect for your exams. Being able to figure out your schedule and knowing you have so much time to study really takes away a lot of your stress. If you plan it right, you won't have to worry about pulling all-nighters or waking up super early in order to study.

It is acceptable to wear pajamas all day...


During finals week, there is no expectation to look good, if anything there is more of an expectation for everyone to look horrible. If you walk around campus you will definitely see some people in pajamas, others in groutfits, and some people who have probably been wearing the same sweats for 3 days straight. It is one of those few times a semester when even the most put together people you know will let themselves go for a couple days.

It is the last week of responsibilities before winter break...


At the end of a rainbow there is a pot of gold. At the end of finals weeks there is winter break. Knowing that if you get through these 10 days you will have at least four weeks of no school really inspires you to get it done. It is that last little bit of suffering until you can go home, go on vacation, and just be dotted by your family. Regardless of what you do during break, it will definitely be less stressful than class and finals.

At the end of the day, finals suck, but if you can focus on the positives you will be able to make it through alive and maybe the slightest bit saner. During break, you will look back at your semester and the stress will slowly go away and you can just remember all the good times you had with your friends and with classes. Good luck to anyone with finals. Hang in there!