5 Perks Of Waking Up Early

Everyone is either a morning person or a night owl. Most of my family are morning people having grown up on farms and starting the days at the wee hours of the morning to do chores. So, for me, it seems to be a link to my genetics as to why I am a morning person.

As a morning person, I have never slept past 9:30 am (that was one time after coming back from prom) and my version of "sleeping in" usually means getting up at 7:30 am. I am on the rowing team at Creighton and my days usually start before 5:00 am and they usually end around 9:00 pm. So my schedule rolls around this idea of me being a morning person!

For those people who are not morning people, they may look at this article and just roll their eyes because they thrive in the late hours of the night and don't start their day until late morning. However, being a morning person has many great qualities and aspects that can really come with some added benefits!

1. See Great Morning Views

I get up to go to rowing workouts in the very early mornings, and we see some pretty amazing sunrises while out on the water!

2. Feel Refreshed In The Morning

The morning is when us early risers thrive! When we see the sun come up, we are ready to seize the day and get started! It is such a great feeling and it is usually when we are the most productive!

3. Great Morning Workouts (If You Workout)

Working out in the morning definitely gives a great start to your day! If you do a workout out that is! Actually working out in the morning is supposedly the best time to do a workout.

4. You Get A Lot Of Your Work Done In The Morning

I know that this is definitely true for me as I feel more awake in the morning as compared to the afternoon! This leads to less stressful afternoons for me, and sometimes allows me to take it easy if I am able to do so!

5. It Doesn't Bother You To Wake Up Early For Work

For some people, it is a huge struggle to get up and get going to work in the morning because they are just not early morning people. However, for us early risers getting up to leave at 7:30 am to get to work is easy!

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