5 New Fashion Trends That You Must Bring Into The New Year
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5 New Fashion Trends That You Must Bring Into The New Year

This bleak year was full of many hardships that make it nearly impossible to look for the positives in 2020. Fashion in this crazy year has actually changed for the better thanks to the quarantine that has forced people to adapt to their new lifestyles. Trends have become more casual and suitable for lounging at home.

Girl wearing a sweater vest

No one should ever have to sacrifice their fashion sense to also feel cozy. These are some trends that allow you to embrace both.

1. Sweatsuit Sets

Girl wearing a sweatsuit

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Something about a matching hoodie- sweatpant combination immediately elevates a look. A vibrant color or a simple neutral both work perfectly for this casual style. They make grocery store runs and social distance hangouts more fashionable without giving up on comfort.

2. Crochet Knit Vests

Girl Knitting

knittihng GIF


These comfy sleeveless sweaters are one of my favorite trends this fall. If you live in a cold climate, layering your vest with a cozy turtle neck and jacket can really dress up a simple pair of jeans. Vests can also be worn alone for a just as adorable look. Most stores are selling these right now in a variety of vibrant patterns and prints.

3. Leather Coats

Matrix man in slow-motion

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I immediately hopped on this trend once I saw my favorite influencers and designers rocking this outerwear. Leather coats have been in for years, but the long colorful leather jackets are what has made a comeback at the end of 2020. These coats do more than just look amazing, they are also very warm for the approaching winter months.

4. Corduroy

70's girls dancing

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Basically anything corduroy has been HUGE in fall 2020. I own two different colored baggy corduroy jeans as well as three corduroy oversized jackets. Not only is this material warm, but it also looks great as a throw on piece to really give your fit a 70's flare. I am overjoyed that this trend is back and better than ever.

5. Cashmere

Pink Sweater

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Cashmere sweaters have been all the rage this fall. The ones I have seen most commonly are the button down cropped style that look incredible paired with a neutral under top and cozy pants. They just add that extra flare to your fit while also being cozy enough to fall asleep in. A set I recently purchased since being home for Christmas is an adorable white cashmere bra button down sweater duo. It looks fabulous with jeans and sweatpants alike.

These five trends mentioned make up the majority of my closet right now, so here is to hoping that they stay as they are now in 2021!

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