5 Makeup Products That You Will Love In 2021
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5 Makeup Products That You Will Love In 2021

Makeup products in 2021 not only need to be light-weight and durable, but they also need to be able to withstand the effects of wearing a mask on your face. "Mascne" is a common term that has recently been invented to describe the acne caused by the mask protection during the pandemic. Products that don't cause breakouts and also have lasting wear are important to discover in our current climate.

IT Cosmetics Makeup Review

Foundation is not the only makeup step that is negatively impacted by masks: lipstick, lipgloss, bronzer, blush and powder are also important products to invest in in 2021.

1. IT cosmetics CC-cream foundation

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As I have said before and will never stop saying, IT cosmetics CC-cream foundation is the perfect everyday medium coverage product. It comes in many different shades and is long-lasting even under a mask. The Foundation also has 50+ SPF and a light-weight feel for day-time wear.

2. Glossier Lip Gloss

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Glossier's Lip gloss in crystal clear is the perfect moisturizing everyday gloss for wear under a mask. The product absorbs quickly on your lips and will not leave marks on your mask due to its sheer finish. The gloss provides the perfect natural glimmer without being overbearing in day-light and can also be used in place of a chapstick in my personal opinion.

3. Milk's Lip and Cheek Stick


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Milk makeup's Lip and Cheek stick comes in a variety of different shades depending on how blushed you liked to look, and I have been using this product excessively during these winter months. Wearing the same shade on both my lips and cheeks compliments a complexion with uniformity so well. This product is also pretty affordable in comparison to other blush stick products running at $15.00. The stick should also last a long while since a little goes a long way.

4. Becca Cosmetics Highligther

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I have always been big on liquid highlighter, but because of wearing masks while in public, often times the product will rub off leaving a messy finish on my face. I recently ordered the Becca Cosmetics shimmering skin perfector pressed on highlighter and am completely obsessed! It is an incredible amount of glitter and shine without making my face look cakey. It will also last all day and is sold online for order at Sephora.

5. Neutrogena Pressed Powder

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Finally, my holy grail of products in 2021 will be my Neutrogena pressed powder. I am typically more on the oily spectrum of skin types and this easy to grab product has saved me! I am constantly overproducing sweat on my face due to the mask no matter the temperature outside. The Neutrogena Healthy Skin pressed powder is easy to pack with you wherever you go and for touch-ups when you are socially distanced from those around you and are able to. It is sold at drug-stores and is more on the affordable side.

I wish I was able to be a "no make-up" vibe person especially when it comes to wearing a mask all day anyway, but wearing make-up brings me confidence which is why these products help me to not have to sacrifice what I love.

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