5 Makeup Trends That You MUST Try in 2021
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5 Makeup Trends That You MUST Try in 2021

Make up artists and gurus are like painters in the way that they can form faces into symmetrical art pieces. Expressing oneself through make up design and color is one of the easiest ways to elevate a look.

Girl doing sparkly eyeshadow

Thanks to the HBO original show Euphoria, sparkly and iridescent make up trends have swept the entire nation.

1. 60's lid crease look

Ariana Grande looking up and down

Positions GIF


This eye look can be executed with any eyeshadow, pencil or liquid liner. Simply draw a line from the center of your eyelid crease into a triangular shape attaching back to your lash line for this old fashioned cat eye. Vibrant liner colors that match your clothes are always a fun way to achieve a trendy fit.

2. Freckles!

Woman winking

cintia dicker girl GIF


Celebrities and makeup artists all over Youtube are absolutely obsessed with the faux freckle make up look. Several beauty companies both drugstore and Sephora based sell faux freckle tools for simple application. These adorable sun kissed freckles can also be accomplished with a thin eyeshadow brush and light brown tinted cream shadow.

3. Colored Mascara

Britney Spears applying mascara

britney spears makeup


Traditionally, I only ever thought to use black or brown mascara on my lashes to make my eyes pop. Contrary to that popular belief, using colored mascara depending on your unique eye color can bring out your eyes. Blue mascara for brown eyes helps them pop, burgundy for green, violet for blue and green for hazel eyes.

4. Sparkly Eye Gems

Rihanna talking

rihanna fancy GIF


Placing sparkly gems below the brow and above the eyelids is definitely a makeup trend that sparked from the hit drama series "Euphoria". The show inspired the desire for gem eyeshadow looks and all around sparkly dewey skin.

5. Checkerboard Nails

Lizard wearing a sweater

lizard sweater GIF


Although nail trends are technically not a type of makeup, it would seem wrong to not include this prominent beauty trend in this list. Checkerboard nails in all colors, but mostly neon green and pink, are an up in coming trend that I have seen influencers and fashionable celebrities do in their daily lives.

I hope some of these makeup trends inspired you to try them with your favorite fits!

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