5 Lessons My Friends Relationships Taught Me

5 Lessons My Friends Relationships Taught Me

Here are the most important things I've learned from my friends relationships.

Ever since I can remember I have always been the friend that was single, while all my friends were in relationships. Although I was the one that wasn't in these relationships, I learned so much from the relationships my friends have been in. Here are some of the things I have learned from my friends' relationship.

1. Third Wheeling Sucks.

My friends always ask me to tag along with them and their boyfriends. It's annoying and I hate it so much, but I love my friends so I do it anyway. It doesn't matter how close you and your friend are, third wheeling with her and her boyfriend isn't fun in any circumstance.

2. Focus.

With my friends being in a relationship, I truly realized how much focus I have on myself; I sometimes think I'm conceited. One time, my friend was telling me about her dream and stopped herself, retold the story but this new story included less of her dreams and more of her boyfriend’s dreams. When I think about my dreams and what I want to do in life, it’s just me. My dreams include the things I want to achieve and aren’t compromised. My friend taught me that I don’t want to do anything at the moment, but focus on myself.

3. My Parents Rock.

Being in a serious relationship means that you have to meet the parents. I have heard nightmare stories about the parents my friends have had to meet and it just makes me love my parents that much more. My friend once told me that her boyfriend’s mother called her to go pick up his sister from school then take her home. My friend decided to take his sister for some frozen yogurt, and then was yelled at by his mother because it was inappropriate to have dessert before dinner. They had frozen yogurt at 3:30pm and they didn’t eat dinner until 6:30pm. When she told me this story I learned very quickly, that my parents are amazing.

4. Boys Are Literal.

I have learned from all of my friends relationships that boys are very simple creatures. With that being said, keep things simple. It amazes me how my friends will not talk to their boyfriends to show them their mad and it will take their boyfriends forever to realize that they are even mad. But the minute my friends tell their boyfriends “I’m mad” they are quickly trying to resolve any issue they created. Being upfront with guys instead of beating around the bush is always the way to go anytime a guy is involved. Trust me, I think that this is one of the most beneficial things I’ve learned from my friends relationships.

5. I’m Irreplaceable.

No matter how in love my friends are with their boyfriends I know they love me even more. Two of my friends have long distance relationships and don’t get to see their boyfriends often and when they do I always give them space, but the minute they say goodbye to their boyfriends they always come to see me or text me and tell me that they missed me, which means the world to me. Knowing that my friends are with the person they are absolutely head over heels for, but still value my friendship is the best feeling. At the end of the day, every girl needs her best friend, and I’m truly happy to be that friend.

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The 8 Best Girl Scout Cookies, Ranked

We have entered the most heavenly season of the year: Girl Scout cookie season.

Girl Scout cookie season is upon us, which means it's time to bring out your wallet and support the Girl Scouts in any way you can (while eating delicious cookies along the way). I have ranked every Girl Scout cookie, and while this is all based on personal preference, I highly suggest you follow my advice. Here are my favorite Girl Scout cookies, ranked.

1. Tagalongs

These delectable cookies are like Reese's in cookie form. That's about all I have to say about them and if that isn't enough reason for them to be your favorite cookie then don't even bother buying any cookies at all (joking, kind of).

2. Samoas

Caramel, chocolate, AND coconut? Count me IN. The only problem with these delicious cookies is the fact that I can't sit down and eat a whole box in one sitting because they are a bit sweet.

3. Thin Mints

These minty, chocolatey, tasty cookies are great for binging. They have a light taste that makes it so easy to eat mass amounts in one sitting. Also, try freezing them and you can thank me later.

4. Girl Scout S'mores

Don't get me wrong, I love s'mores and anything s'mores flavored. But, the lower rank is due to the price, a hefty $5 instead of $4. As a broke college student, every dollar matters.

5. Lemonades

I would like to start with the word "zesty." But, not zesty enough to make it into the top 50% of my rankings.

6. Do-si-dos

Honestly, the name just pisses me off. I will give it to the cookie, the two oatmeal cookies brought together with peanut butter is satisfactory. But, the best peanut butter cookie spot is already taken by the delicious Tagalongs.

7. Toffee-tastic

Don't get me wrong, these are tasty. With their sweet toffee bits and buttery flavor? YUM. But, again I am a broke college student and as much as I want to support young girls, I'm going to save my $1 and opt for one of my top 3's instead.

8. Trefoils

If I can be completely honest, these taste like any other shortbread cookie on the market. I'm all for supporting Girl Scouts, but spend your $4 on one of the above-mentioned cookies.

Cover Image Credit: Flickr

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