5 Israeli Foods That You Need To Try
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5 Israeli Foods That You Need To Try

Have you tried these types of foods yet?

5 Israeli Foods That You Need To Try
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From my previous article, I wrote about my experience on Birthright in Israel. One of the main reasons that I went on Birthright was because so I can learn more about the culture in Israel. Culture can vary from food to the people to the language. Food is a huge part of the culture in Israel and it is so good. Coming back home to America, I crave for these five different types of Israeli foods and here they are:

1. Falafel

This is probably my number one favorite type of Israeli food. Falafel is made up of chickpeas and other ingredients. It is fried into little brown balls and you can have falafel with everything! I like to have falafel pita with a bunch of different toppings. The different toppings include tomatoes and cucumber, cabbage salad, hummus, tahini, etc. You can have falafel on regular salads as well. The falafel in Israel is so good and there is nothing like it!

2. Shakshuka

Shakshuka is a very well known Israeli breakfast. It is made up of fried eggs, tomatoes, feta cheese, etc. This particular type of breakfast is served in a skillet. Now, you may look at this dish and it might look very unusual but honestly, this type of breakfast is the best kind. I normally like to have an Israeli bagel with this dish because it fills me up.

3. Bamba

You know how in America there are different types of chips like Cheetos or Doritos and many people snack on them? Well, Bamba is like the Cheetos in Israel. Bamba is covered with a peanut butter flavor. I can snack on Bamba all day but I try not to because it isn't the most healthy snack to snack on. However, there are other flavors of Bamba like ones that are filled with chocolate.

4. Jelly Doughnuts

I went to Israel during Hanukkah so jelly doughnuts were everywhere! Jelly Doughnuts are filled with jelly in the doughnut. Not all doughnuts are filled with jelly. Some are covered with chocolate and filled with yellow cream. In Israel, the doughnuts taste so much better than the doughnuts in America. If you want to try the most delicious doughnuts in Israel, I highly recommend coming around Hanukkah time!

5. Hummus

There is nothing like hummus. Everyone in Israel puts hummus in their food. Hummus goes with everything. I put hummus on salad, falafel, french fries, carrots, pretzels, and whatever food I am eating! Hummus is made up of chickpeas, oil, lemon juice, sometimes garlic all blended together. There is nothing like Israeli hummus!

Do you want to try these foods out? You don't need to go to Israel to try these foods. You can go to your local grocery store and find foods that are similar to the ones above. Also, many grocery stores have a mini Jewish section in the International aisles. You may find some Israeli snacks!

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