5 Historical Things that Changed the City of Austin
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5 Historical Things that Changed  the City of Austin

Fascinating Memories from Austin's Past and Some Modern results

5 Historical Things that Changed  the City of Austin
Austin Bookmobile in the 50s

The Austin Public Library traveled the Austin neighborhoods to deliver books during the 1950's with a truck called "Bookmobile". Families gathered around in hopes to carry as many books as they could. In this picture you can see stacks of books in their hands.

From Book Trucks to Food Trucks

1950s Austin Public Library Bookmobile

Austin Library

Austin Library

Today, food trucks are on almost every corner of downtown Austin. Love them tacos but wouldn't it be nice to purchase a book at the same time?

From Mule-Drawn Streetcars to Pedicabs

Austin streetcars in 1940

Sure, you may see a horse carriage here and there in downtown Austin but mule-drawn streetcars we may never see again. Streetcars lasted just a short time before the trolley's arrived in 1891 and finally, Austin saw the last of the streetcars in 1940.

Today, we see a slew of pedicabs that will take you from one place to another and although they don't carry many people, they're certainly a fun ride.

The Servant Girl Annihilator Serial Killer

Hell Broke Loose


Prior to Jack the Ripper, the first known serial killer was in Austin, Texas in 1885. A madman or madmen attacked victims while asleep in their beds with the last murders ending on Christmas Eve. There were total of 8 known victims. Many men were arrested during this time and eyewitness accounts were reported but the killer(s) were never found.

It is believed that the Moonlight Towers of Austin were built for city safety; however, the towers were built 10 years later. Some towers still stand today and are famous landmarks.

Party at the Moontowner!

Zilker Park moonlight tower

Austin Short Film

Many of us are familiar with the quote "Party at the moon tower" from Dazed and Confused. A tower previously located at West Enfield Park was featured in the movie and although it is gone, Austin quickly became even more of a tourist town.

The Zilker Park moonlight tower was also used as the city's Christmas Tree for several years. Each Moonlight tower contains a historical plate by the Texas Historical Commission. Although they're not very fun to visit, it's still great to know.

From the Ritz to the Alamo Drafthouse

Austin Chronicle

The Ritz opened its doors in 1929 as the first movie theater in Austin for talkies. It operated until 1964 and reopened in the early 70's as an adult theater that didn't last long. The Ritz became a music venue with several different managers until 2007 when the Alamo Drafthouse Cinema announced the relocation from Colorado Street.

Unlike the Ritz of 1929 (see image closely), the Alamo Drafthouse serves food and alcohol and only prohibits talking and texting. Austin locals certainly appreciate

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