We are an interesting species aren't we?

On one hand, we despise complexity. Many times, we have often try to make serious issues more simple than they really are. That's why we use stereotypes all the time; its just easier to keep things disgustingly simple.

On the other hand, we love making things way more complicated than they have to be.

Case in point: fan theories.

For some reason, we seem to love to look far too much into our favorite TV shows and movies. Nothing can be as it seems, there just has to be something deeper and darker. While these fan theories can often be bonkers, they can also offer alternative possibilities that manage to be better than the official product. That is why we are gonna look at 5 fan theories that completely change your favorite shows and movies:

5. Neo is NOT The One (The Matrix Trilogy)

No one has made the fan theory a sort of art-form quite as much as one Matthew "MatPat" Patrick. The mind behind the popular Game Theory and Film Theory YouTube channels has long made theories that have changed fans' perceptions of their favorite franchises. MatPat puts an insane amount of research to justify what would normally be seen as outlandish statements. One of his most famous theories claimed that "The One" (the man prophesied to free the humans from machine oppression in the Matrix Trilogy) is not main character Neo, but rather the trilogy's villain, Agent Smith. The reason for this is claim is that, unlike Neo, Smith fulfilled all the criteria for "The One" specified by the franchise's mythology.

4. Seven Deadly Sins (SpongeBob)

This is one of the more straightforward theories you will find. The theory states that the seven chief residents of Bikini Bottom are personifications of the Seven Deadly Sins. Anyone who knows of these sins and watched the show can easily match up the characters with their sins:

SpongeBob represents Lust, because of his excessive love for life.

Gary represents Gluttony, as Spongebob always has to remember to feed him.

Squidward represents Wrath, because his hatred for his life.

Mr. Krabs represents Greed, a no-brainer there.

Plankton represents Envy, because of his jealousy of Mr. Krabs' success.

Patrick represents Sloth, another no-brainer.

Finally, Sandy represents Pride, as seen in her boasting of her accomplishments and Texas background.

I think Mermaid Man might be on to something.

3. "Fly, You Fools!" (Lord of the Rings)

Despite being one of the most beloved trilogies in film history, many fans claim that the Lord of the Rings movies have a giant glaring flaw: the Eagles. Many fans claim that if the Fellowship had just used the Eagles, they could have ended the war within a couple of minutes. One popular theory claims that such an idea was the plan all along. In the middle of the first movie, Gandalf urges his allies to "Fly, you fools!" before falling to his (temporary) death. Many fans have speculated that the quote was Gandalf telling Frodo and friends to fly the Eagles to Mount Doom, where they could easily drop the ring into the fire. As to why Gandalf didn't mention it again after he come back, it is possible that he just forgot about it. While the cast has disputed this theory, fans seem to be pretty convinced of it.

2. The Babies Aren't Real (Rugrats)

Did you watch Rugrats growing up?

What if I told you that, aside from Angelica, none of the babies actually existed?

That is the basis of this infamous fan theory. The theory claims that Tommy, Chuckie, Phil and Lil are actually the figments of an insane Angelica's imagination. The theory goes as far as to claim that (among other things) Chuckie died along with his mother at child birth and that Phil and Lil's mother had an abortion.

To think that Cynthia was once the most horrifying thing about this show...

1. Ash is in a Coma (Pokémon)

This is arguably the most infamous fan theory of all time. For years, Pokémon fans have been trying to figure out why series protagonist Ash has remained 10 years old despite his countless adventures. This theory claims that the reason for that is because Ash is in a coma, caused by being struck by Pikachu's lightning at the end of the very first episode. The theory also claims that the rest of the series is basically a dream, with each person Ash encounters having a connection to his inner-demons, fears, and desires.

Could you imagine the show ending like that?