5 Fall Fashion Staples You Need In Every Color
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5 Fall Fashion Staples You Need In Every Color

From on-trend-olive to golden caramel, you'll want each of these items in every shade available.

5 Fall Fashion Staples You Need In Every Color
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Did someone say Starbucks and shopping? It's that time of year, my fabulous fashionistas, fall shopping is here at last. Lately, I have found myself ogling over fall items that I want in literally every color, so, I thought that would be a perfect idea to write about as everyone is trying to choose which fall staples to invest in for the season. Here are a few items that I just can't get enough of - I've linked the web pages for ordering to the pictures so all you have to do is click! Enjoy, y'all!

1. Sabrina Boiled Wool Wrap Coat

J. Crew

J. Crew has you covered for the fall and winter with this classic, feminine silhouette. The 100% wool fabric is tightly woven to provide you with maximum warmth without all of the bulk of your usual wool coat. The notched collar detail and wrapped style provide a luxurious aesthetic while the deep pockets allow you to keep all of your cozy and tech essentials close. I think that the cut and details of the Sabrina coat are reminiscent of Kate Middleton- timeless and chic.

Note that this jacket does come in both petite and regular sizes and is currently available in all sizes and colors, so hurry up and order yours if you need a new go-to wool coat!

The coat is new from J. Crew for fall and comes in black, deep moss, majestic purple, and vintage cobalt. If you like to stick to your neutrals, definitely go with either the black or the green. I would note though if you like to wear a lot of dark-washed denim in the winter, you might want to opt for the green so that you aren't clashing the black jacket with navy jeans. For a bright pop of feminine color, wear the majestic purple with some winter-white-denim and nude pumps. The cobalt color is another great option for fashionistas who want to bring a little, unexpected style to this classic coat.

2. V-Neck Sweater


I purchased this sweater in the burgundy color last fall and my mother said that she was close to throwing it away because I wore it all the time! She was so sick of seeing me in this sweater and when we looked for the sweater in more colors, they had sold out for the season. Thankfully, Abercrombie has brought these babies back for fall 2017 and I could not be more excited!

This cotton v-neck features a side-split hemline ( perfect for girls like me who like to tuck their tops in just a little bit in the front while letting the back hang long) as well as dropped shoulders that add to the "oversized-effect" of the design. This year, the sweater comes in grey, navy stripe, burgundy, tan, cream stripe, light blue, and dark green.

Since I pair these with anything from distressed jean shorts in the fall, cuffed dark-washed skinnies in the winter and even with skirts from time to time, I knew I had to stock up this year. I first saw a few of these colors in my local store and went ahead and bought this camel-colored sweater and wore it the next day half-tucked in the front and long in the back with shorts and some converses.

Unfortunately, my store did not have XS sweaters in any of the other colors, so I went online to see if I could order them. When I went online, I saw even more colors than they carried in the store (including that gorgeous Carolina blue!) So yes, I made sure to order this sweater in nearly every color and right now, they are marked down to $29 from the original price of $58. Trust me, wear one of these with your favorite lacy bralette, some ripped, cuffed skinnies and your favorite heeled booties and you will have a go-to outfit for fall that is perfect for just going to class, shopping or even for a date night! You will not want to miss out on this sale.

3. Flare Sleeve Sweater


Talk about on trend- this sweater features bell sleeves that are sure to give you that updated, flared out drama you're looking for in a fall/winter top. The solid color provides a classic look that can be complemented with your favorite necklace while the sleeves give you that unique, eye-catching silhouette. This sweater also features dropped shoulders and runs a bit large for those looking for the feel of a cozy, over-sized sweater with the stylish aesthetic that is trending across many fashion blogs. In addition, the neck is made in a boat-neck inspired cut which is perfect for featuring a delicate necklace or your favorite coordinating scarf.

For a full-on-fall look, opt for the rustic brown shade and pair it with dark-wash denim and your favorite leather boots or booties. For the "purple mist" color, try pairing it with any distressed or light-wash denim bottom, be it a skirt or skinnies, with some neutral pumps for a polished, trendy look. Since the "teal sound" color would likely clash with any blue denim, I would recommend being a little bolder and daring by pairing it with white-denim, yes, after labor day! Winter-white and quite frankly, year-round white jeans are gaining popularity and look amazingly chic when done well, so I encourage you to give it a try with some taupe or light great boots/booties.

4. Lace Trim Cami


I originally tried on this camisole at my local Abercrombie store in the burgundy shade and I loved it from the get-go. The hemline is split at the sides, so it is perfect for tucking in the front and it also features delicate cut-out details along the edges. The lace detailing at the top adds enough texture and eye-candy to the simple, billowy top to make it interesting enough to wear on its own on those hot, September days. It will also be perfect under your favorite open-front cardigan as it gets cooler outside!

I started with the burgundy shade and eventually got the off-white version as well. Who doesn't need a cute cami for layering in the fall, right? This top has a flowy, looser fit but it does run true to size. Also, another important feature for me is that the straps are adjustable so you can get a custom length that holds the v-cut right where you want it, it's not a one size fits all strap length like I find with most of the Topshop camisole tops.

So don't hesitate to try this top out! You'll start wearing it every other day, I promise. You'll love it as much as I do.

5. Camellia Tall Boot

Sam Edelman

Pump up your style with these Sam Edelman heeled riding boots! When it starts to get cool enough, you'll see knee-high suede/leather boots everywhere- they're the epitome of a fall fashion staple. What I really like about this style is the layered wood, cylindrically shaped block heel. The layered wood aesthetic adds texture and dimension while giving that "crafted" aesthetic, and the height is a perfect 3.5 inches, just enough height to help you stand tall but not too much that they're hard to walk in.

This boot does have a zipper on the side for a quick and easy slide on and off the foot. Note that this boot is designed to hug your leg, not slouch off the calf, so make sure you measure your calf circumference before ordering to ensure a perfect fit!

They come in grey asphalt, black, and golden caramel. I noticed a lot of bloggers like to pair grey knee-high or over-the-knee boots with their winter-white skinnies which is always a win, so if you are looking to rock that look all season long, the grey shade might be the boot for you. If you find yourself wearing leggings as pants a lot, or just really like your black pants and darker colored outfits in the fall and winter, go for the black pair! If you wear them with a black pant or legging, the black will play off the pant and create the optical illusion of lengthening your leg, which is always a plus for shorties like me! My personal go-to boot color is always a taupe or caramel because when I wear boots like this, I usually wear them with jeans, most of which have caramel colored stitching. I also like to change up the color scheme of my fall outfits a lot, and I think that the caramel color does a great job or pairing nicely with deep burgundies as well as light blues and pinks that I sometimes wear during the season.

You'll surely get a lot of wear out of any riding boot you purchase. Pair them with any skinny style pant, a cute top, and a scarf for a go-to fall look. I've also seen a few bloggers pair these boots with jewel-toned above the knee dresses, with a coordinating scarf, which looks nice as well!

Now, go out and get these items in every color!

Just kidding - I hope that this article helped you find a few items that you want to try out this fall and maybe even reinforced your love for some of the pieces already in your fall closets' repertoire. Fall is by far my favorite season, especially for fashion, so I just get too excited when new items come out that I can totally envision wearing every week of the season.

Anyways, grab you a pumpkin-spiced something, try out some of these styles, and get ready to breathe in the crisp fall air!

Happy styling, happy shopping, and happy fall, y'all!

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