5 Facts About the Real Saint Nick

5 Facts About the Real Saint Nick

Learn About the Man Behind the Myth.

Christmas is shortly upon us and that means good ol' Saint Nick is comin' to town. We're all very much familiar with the Saint Nick who's has a big white beard, wears a bright red coat and has a big, round belly that shakes like a bowl of jelly. The myth of Santa Claus and his yearly descent from our chimnies to deliver us wonderful presents is an absolute cornerstone of Western civilization. However, o the few who may not know, there is a real man behind the legend. This man is Saint Nicholas of Myra.

1. Saint Nicholas was born in modern-day Turkey.

He was born around circa 280 and died on December 6, 343. He was a Christian bishop and was known for helping the needy by offering gifts. The legend of his gift-giving would later be incorporated into the Santa Claus myth.

2. Saint Nicholas is known as the patron saint of fisherman.

He even claimed to be a fisherman and sailor.

3. Nicholas was known for coming to the defense of the wrongly accused.

He often convincing the powers that be to prevent executions of the persecuted.

4. In 2005, Saint Nicholas' remains were analyzed by a forensic lab in England.

The final report stated that the cherished bishop had a broken nose and stood barely at five feet, which was short even for his time.

5. The most famous deed of Saint Nicholas was his assistance with a man who couldn't provide dowries for his three daughters.

In those days if a certain amount of money couldn't be provided to entice the woman's potential groom and his family and if the woman had no other ways of making a living then she would more than likely fall to a life of prostitution. Keeping in mind Saint Nicholas was an extremely modest man, he couldn't help the man in a public manner. One night Nicholas quietly visited the man's house and threw three bags full of gold coins into an open window.

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Starting Over In The New Year Isn't Just A Cliché

This is your clean slate.

The beginning of the new year always feels like a fresh start, a new beginning, which it is. I know most of us have seen the post before one January 1st that says "page 1 of 365." The new year is a perfect opportunity to reinvent yourself, it's your clean slate.

I recently talked about New Year's resolutions, specifically how we almost all break them. I do believe that's true. I think the main problem is that we don't know how to go about accomplishing them, plus we put to much pressure on ourselves. I think it's a tad crazy to think that you can just suddenly change, that you can just start something you're not used to and so aggressively do it.

I don't believe in big resolutions. I believe in just making myself a better person. Sure I make some goals, but I know that I need to reach them my own way. I'm also not directly talking about resolutions. I'm talking about you as a person. How the new year gives you a new chance.

It really isn't a cliché, starting over is something you can do. I myself have already made some changes in my life. I've felt more determined with my writing, I've stepped up my game at work, and overall I feel like if I try, I can make this a really good year.

The goal is not to rush anything. You can start by looking at your resolutions, find what's easiest to accomplish, something small, and go after it. Get yourself organized as well. I've tried doing this a little bit. Plan out things some more, like what projects I want to do with the kids at work, what days I plan to read the chapters for my book club, what days to write, etc. Routine is usually the key.

The main thing though, relax. Reaching new goals and being a better person shouldn't be stressful. It should make you feel good about yourself. If you miss a step or things change, don't worry. Take a moment, and readjust.

Not everyday will the great, sometimes the new you won't work out how you thought. I know I always see people saying "new year, new me," but never really seeming to change. Although, it may be something I don't see. They could've done something that changed them as a person, or reached some sort of personal goal that to them was a big deal. This change doesn't have to be huge.

Every day is a new day. Every day we have the chance to start over and try again. It may not always feel that way, I know I've had my moments where I've decided that this is the worst year for me, but I know that I have to remind myself, that it doesn't have to be. There will come a day where it gets better. I will reach the day where it is a fresh start.

The new year is your chance to start over. Whether you change in January or any other month, you can do it. This is your clean slate.

Remember, new year, new you.

Cover Image Credit: Annie Spratt

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10 Ways To Survive College Until Spring Break

The semester might seem to last forever, but you can make it

With Winter Break and Martin Luther King Jr. Day over, the next break for college students is Spring Break, which can seem so far away with the semester having just started, and there is no break until the middle of the semester. Here are some tips to help you survive until spring break rolls around.

1. Get Enough Sleep

During Spring Semester, there's aren't long weekends to devote to catching up on sleep, so it's important to actually go to bed at a normal time throughout the week in order to not constantly be tired.

2. Don't Procrastinate

There's no time to make up assignments, and once you get behind, you're going to just barely be able to keep afloat for the semester. Again, you can't just put off the things that you need to do until later when there's no break in sight.

3. Make Plans

If you make plans for spring break or other times throughout the semester, then you have something to look forward to when trying to find motivation to write your third paper of the week.

4. Spend Time With Friends

It's important to take time away from school, especially to avoid burnout. Being tired of school for the whole semester makes it seem like spring break will never come.

5. Reward Yourself

It's important to recognize that in college, one of the most important things to do is to not get only caught up in working on things for college. Somedays you really just need to reward yourself for making it this far, whether it be taking a nap or going shopping.

6. Take Care of Yourself

Your health, both physical and mental, is super important. Doing what you can to stay healthy is important, even if it means taking a mental health day. Doing what you need to take care of yourself isn't something that should be put off until school is done for the semester.

7. Organize Yourself

Write things down, plan things out; don't just put it off and wing it for a couple months. I know that if I don't write things down, then I know that I won't remember that I have to do something. Especially when it gets closer to spring break, and you mentally check out, it's going to be a good thing that you already write things down because that should save you from yourself.

8. Keep Your Space Clean

When living in a space that isn't cleaned or organized, it's hard to feel comfortable. It's important to make sure that the things that you're maintaining control over your life as much as possible. It's important to be able to come home and be comfortable and feel that your life is in order outside of classes.

9. Set yourself up for success

Since it's only the second week of the semester, you have to make sure that the rest of the semester doesn't go by the wayside because you can't wait for spring break to come. Don't give up, you can make it!

10. Don't Forget that it's Closer than it Seems

Even though it's crazy to think about, the end of the semester will be here sooner than you think, and therefore spring break is closer than you think. You just have to make it about a month longer.

Cover Image Credit: Pixabay

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