5 DIY Beauty Treatments That Work
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5 DIY Beauty Treatments That Work

Here's a review of 5 DIY beauty treatments that really work.

DIY Beauty

With social distancing measures only just now being relaxed in many areas, most people are looking shaggier and less beautified than normal. A lack of access to salons, barbers, spas, and other self-care institutions have forced many people to rely on do-it-yourself (DIY) beauty treatments from the comforts of their own homes. Nevertheless, many people have little to no experience applying makeup, cutting their own hair, or relying on other beauty treatment options without the help of a certified expert or close friend.

Luckily, not all beauty treatments need to be managed by a professional. Here's a review of 5 DIY beauty treatments that really work.

Consider doing a home pedicure

Summertime is finally here, which means that time we spend outdoors will likely be replete with sundresses, sandals, and sunglasses. If you're going to be wearing sandals and other light, breathable footwear for the foreseeable future, isn't this the perfect time to invest in a DIY pedicure? While some think this can only be managed by a real pro at a salon, it's quite easy to do a pedicure at home with some practice, and usually it's quite affordable, too.

Knowing how to give yourself a truly tremendous pedicure begins with securing the right equipment. Nail clippers, files, and polish remover are just the start. You'll also want to get your hands on some lotion and a good foot file if you want the best results possible for your feet.

Home face masks are fun and easy

Hopefully, you've been wearing a mask lately for public health purposes. Why stop there? Getting a face mask treatment is extraordinarily relaxing, and makes the skin on your face glow like almost nothing else. Many people who are scared of doing at-home beauty care don't realize how simple and cheap some home face masks options really are.

There are different DIY face masks styles for different skin types, so don't adopt a one-size-fits-all approach. Follow a helpful guide on the issue, and you'll be exfoliating your facial skin in no time.

Treat your puffy eyes

If you've been spending more time inside lately, your eyes have probably been stressed from an increased exposure to electronic screens. Why not rely on a DIY puffy eye treatment? Many people are familiar with placing cucumbers on their eyes - indeed, pop culture products portray this all the time - but there are other options, too. Applying ice packs and green tea bags can help mend the skin around your eyes. Until you can return to Dermani Medspa and others, these DIY home options are the best filler option.

Dye your hair

This is a great time to dye your hair - after all, if you don't like the color, relatively few people will even see it! You should check out some hair dye reviews beforehand, though, because some hair dye products are defective or misleading. Others are simply overpriced. Shop carefully, and your hair will take on a whole new shade sooner rather than later.

Invest in skincare tech

Why do things the old fashioned way? If you're stuck at home, the least you can do is invest in skincare tech that will help you achieve better beauty goals in no time. Vogue recently released a great review of skincare tools that utilize modern innovations to provide better beauty results to customers. Rely on these tools, and your DIY at-home beauty routine will be improved vastly.

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