The 5 Days Before Christmas
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The 5 Days Before Christmas

As Told By Kevin McCallister

The 5 Days Before Christmas
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College students normally try to pack a month worth of festivities into the 5 days before Christmas. Eventually by junior year you learn that it'is just not possible. Take a hint from Kevin McCallister and just let those 5 days flow. Besides, no one does Christmas better than him!

December 20th

We just got home from college and couldn't be happier. Between grabbing our pets from under the bed and raiding the fridge for free food, there is absolutely no time to unpack. The trip was long and tiresome, but there won't be much sleeping tonight!

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December 21st

Time to get lazy. We just endured finals: seven days packed with sweat, tears, hysterics, regrets, and a ridiculous amount of hours in the library. Now it is time to unwind, sit in the most comfy chair in front of mom and dad's television, and not move all day. How else are we going to catch up on all the Christmas shows they watched without us?

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December 22nd

So this is the point when mom drags us off our butts to go shopping with her. We are "not in the dorms" anymore and must do our part. She'd better not leave me in line again while she grabs one last thing that she forgot. That's the five most terrifying few moments of shopping.

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December 23rd

I can't speak for everyone because I'm not the best planner there is, but this is when I normally find out the gifts I ordered from Amazon are going to my campus address instead. Can you say panic?

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December 24th

Two words: Christmas cookies! With 24 hours left and enough flour in your bra to make an entire fourth batch of sugar cookies, someone's got to protect these treats from dad's clutches.

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After a long shower with that Lush bath bomb we saved since last year's Christmas stocking, we're ready for those Christmas Eve festivities. And we...look...good.

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December 25th

IT HAS ARRIVED! Christmas Day. Though we've only been getting ready for 5 days we welcome Christmas Day as though it has been an eternity. There better be snow.

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