Buying gifts can be very difficult, especially if you're on a tight budget. So, here is a list of gifts I have personally given or been given that meant very much.

1. A personal/thought out video collage.

For my best friend's birthday back in April, I made her a video collage of clips and pictures I've accumulated of her over the years and inserted a voice-over telling her how amazing and appreciated she is.

2. A customized playlist.

Making playlists for friends is so underrated! My roommate and I actually do this for each other all the time. I *hint hint, my friends reading this* love when people make me playlists of songs that remind me of them. It's actually quite personal and meaningful.

3. Hand-written letters.

I don't mean a note, I mean a real letter. Write them pages and tell them how much you love them. Compare their eyes to the sea and reminisce about that time when you played outside as kids. Letters are a great way of making people feel valued and loved.

4. A copy of your favorite book.

One of the best gifts I've received was a dog-eared copy of The Picture of Dorian Gray. My friend's annotated, highlighted, analyzed and battered a well-loved copy.

5. Collection of memories.

Here's a cute idea: write down your favorite moments and memories together and put them in a container of some sort. Label this container something cute like "for when you miss me".

6. Art!

Write them poetry, draw something, paint something, sing something. You can't go wrong with art as long as it's meaningful and not something you just happened to throw together last minute.