'500 Days Of Summer' Would Be Nothing Without Summer Finn 1/15

'500 Days Of Summer' Would Be Nothing Without Summer Finn 1/15

A depressing, yet realistic love story.

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My favorite movie of all time is "500 Days of Summer." Not only is the main character, Summer Finn, played by my favorite actress, Zooey Deschanel, but the storyline portrays a more realistic version of how complicated love can be. People often look at me in confusion as to why a movie that follows a depressing love story would be on the top of my list.

I'll spare you the spoilers, but I will tell you that Summer Finn has a sort of stigma that every single gal wishes of having. Summer is a confident and independent woman that lays out the truth, no questions asked. I think I've figured out that this component is what makes "500 Days of Summer" my favorite movie.

While thoughts and feelings tend to get in the way of real life decisions, I do in fact wish I had more characteristics like Summer Finn.

1. She's Real

None of those unrealistic beauty standards. Summer is any other working woman trying to figure her life out, and what exactly it is that she wants.

2. She's Honest

Summer Finn is up-front and honest from the start. She tells people how it is and avoids any confusion for the future.

3. She's A Heartbreaker

I know, I know, no one likes to break hearts or get their heart broken, but Summer Finn knows how to lay it out. She lives her life and prioritizes herself first before adding a relationship into the equation.

4. She's Okay With Change

It's hard to not think of scenarios of how you might think a certain situation or relationship might end up. Summer once again keeps moving forward and adjusts to change as it comes. She doesn't look back and only lives for the present.

5. She Still Cares

Although she is changing and encountering new people, Summer continues to check up on the people she cares about. She makes sure that people know she still thinks about them even if life has taken a different direction.

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