5 Book Series For Any Avid Reader

5 Book Series For Any Avid Reader

A list of sci-fi/fantasy and mystery books.

There are tons of books out there that would be great for anyone to read. Some people say there are "musts" when it comes to reading books, books that have to be read while you have the time. However, there are also several things that stand out in books, such as if it becomes a series. This shows readers that the first one was god enough to some demographic to become a popular series not just a stand alone novel. In this list I will take you through some of my favorite series from the sci-fi/fantasy and mystery world of books.

These series are all favorites of mine. This list is in order from "absolute favorite" to "this series is great," starting with absolute favorite.

1. The Remaining Series by D.J. Molles

The Remaining is a sci-fi zombie survival series written by D.J. Molles. The series is made up of 6 books, as well as two novellas. Many might think that once you have read one zombie apocalypse story you've read them all, but this isn't the case for his series. It's a very unique take on what a zombie apocalypse would look like, from several groups vying for power over a small community, to a weakened government trying to re-center power, to evolving zombies, this series will keep you on the edge of your seat. The author makes you connect to characters out of a sense of recognition. He makes you feel nostalgic for things you sill have, and gives you characters you love to hate (if you've read the series you know who I mean). If you're into a book that keeps you guessing at who the real bad guys are and has non-stop action and great characters, I highly recommend The Remaining Series.

2. The Golgotha Series by R.S. Belcher

This is a sci-fi/fantasy series that gives the reader a little bit of everything. Consisting of three books so far, the tale is set in a 19th century Midwestern town where too many strange things are happening. The author throws in a religious cult, angels, demons, pirates, a man who cannot die, and several other characters with their own unique abilities and pits them against anything and everything he can imagine. Definitely a series worth reading, especially if you love stories told from multiple view points and one that has great descriptions of scenes and characters.

3. Alex Cross Series by James Patterson

This is where I stray from my general love of the sci-fi/fantasy genres and delve into mystery/thriller books. If you haven't read any of them, there are many. The Alex Cross Series is about Detective Alex Cross who, in each book, is presented with a new criminal, mastermind or otherwise, who he must track down and bring to justice. One of the best things about this series is that you don't need to start fro the beginning. Some, like the aforementioned Remaining Series, is in chronological order, meaning if you pick up the third book you will have no idea how the characters got here or what exactly is happening. There are some subplots in Alex Cross that may require you to read then in order like Alex Cross' love life in some books, but for the most part each murder mystery is its own little world in James Patterson's literary universe and can be enjoyed whenever you want. He is very clever when he puts together his antagonists, and some of the things he comes up with are so greatly planned and detailed. it's like you're living through the eyes of whichever character he is focusing on at that point in the story. I highly recommend this for anyone who loves a great mystery crime solver.

4. Bushido Online Series by Nikita Thorn

So far this author has released two books in the LitRPG series, and they have both been amazing. The story begins with Seth who is a MMA championship contender who is permanently blinded by an illegal move in his semifinal fight. After the fight, he is approached by a company who offers to put him in a fully immersed video game that they think will have a therapeutic effect on him and give him something to do until he regains his sight. Once inside the game however, Seth realizes he is starting to like this world more than the real one because he can see and doesn't need someone to help him get around. The books have great descriptions of the scenery and have powerful emotional scenes. Highly recommended for people who love a good adventure read.

5. First Law Series by Joe Abercrombie

Abercrombie has created his own world in his trilogy of fantasy adventure. His characters are well developed and he is great at making the environment come to life. I have read the first book in the trilogy and it has its own governments and corruption system. The series is great for making adventure and action come to life and make the reader start worrying about the characters and where the story will head next. Highly recommended for anyone who loves fantasy, violence and unique political systems.

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