Coming home from school and seeing your besties can be hard to beat, however finding something to do can be quite a hassle. Here are a few ideas:

1. Sign up for a painting class

There are places everywhere where you and your BFF can go, sip on some drinks, paint, and catch up. They can be a little pricey, but they're always worth it.

2. Go see a movie

Chances are that the movie you've both been dying to see.... came out when you were apart. And of course, you promised each other you would wait to see it until you were together. So grab your popcorn!

3. Go back to your favorite restaurant

you know, the place where everything is somehow just so good

4. Bake your favorite treats

This is a cheaper option and gives you an excuse to munch on all the homemade foods that you missed when you were away. It also gives you a great chance to catch up!

5. Go to a concert

see what's in town, get dressed up, and go for it!