The 5 Best Things About Fall

The only good thing about school starting back up, is that our favorite season is upon. No, it's not Christmas, calm down. It's Fall! You can't argue this no matter what because you will lose. The air is crisp, the leaves begin to change colors and fall. It's a picture perfect season. So to celebrate the near arrival of our favorite season, here's the 5 best things about Fall!

1. Boots

Who doesn't love their boots? They're one of the most versatile shoes and can be worn with almost everything.

2. Pumpkin Everything

Everything, I mean everything now comes in pumpkin flavor. Complain about it all you want, we all know you've already stocked up on pumpkin flavor everything.

3. Apple Orchard

There is nothing better than picking your own apples on a beautiful day. Plus it provides an excellent background for your latest selfies.

4. The Trees

Conveniently another great background for the newest addition to your IG, but also just admiring the pure beauty of nature.

5. Sweater Weather

The cool air leaves us packing all our shorts away and bringing out those super new cardigans and pullovers. With a new season also comes a new wardrobe.

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