5 Awesome Inventions That'll Blow Your Mind

People are always coming out with some incredible things to make out lives easier. Every year, science makes new leaps and bounds into the unknown! In honor of that, let's take a look at five inventions that you should definitely try this year.

1. Lane-Changing and Turn Indicator

The Lane-Changing and Turn Indicator (LCTI) has revolutionized driving! Now, for the low price of included in the car, you can tell the other drivers around you when you'd like to change lanes or make a turn.

This lever, which has been placed to the lest of the steering wheel in literally every car what are you doing will activate lights in the back of your car to foretell your direction change. Simply flick up if you want to go right and down if you want to go left! The days of blindly swerving the streets are over!

2. Electricity Saver/Darkness Promoter

When old people invented electricity, I bet you they never thought it would go this far! Scientists have discovered a way to – wait for it – turn off lights! It sounds like witchcraft, but before you burn me at the stake, hear me out.

Thanks to the ES/DP, you can stop the flow of electricity whenever you want! This turns off the lights that you're not using, even during the day! Say goodbye to always having your lights on why are you like this.

3. Food Particle Cleansing Stick

I don't know about you, but somehow my dishes are dirty after I've used them! Now what? Well, thanks to remarkable ingenuity in the dish-cleaning department, we finally have an answer!

The Food Particle Cleansing Stick, or FPCS, comes in many shapes and sizes, but its job remains the same: to clean your dishes that you left in the sink for a week seriously you know that stuff sticks like glue. Just add warm water and a little soap, and you have a sudsy clean delight! Now if only they could invent a magic box that would sanitize your dishes by the load...

4. Noise Containment Units

It can be so tiring to listen to your music or video over the sound of people talking. Well, no long, with the help of Noise Containment Units! NCUs look almost like earmuffs but they serve a purpose.

Simply plug them into your noise playing electronic device and slip them over your ears. Just like that, your listening experience is personalized! Now, people won't have to talk over your dumb video or subject themselves to your music taste dude just turn it off. I've heard rumors of a development to make them smaller and fit inside your ears, but I'm sure that's preposterous.

5. Excrement Flushing Device

The Excrement Flushing Device, or EFD, is helping users across the nation not leave their feces behind for the next person! It's simple to use, efficient, and most of all, hygienic! You see, as soon as you're through using the facilities and cleaning yourself, simply press the handle down and whoosh!

Like magic, water flows in and cleans away your disgusting bowel movement why would you leave it. Some places are even so high tech, you don't have to tough the handle! The toilet senses you're done and flushes for you! So, what are you waiting for you gross animalistic heather were you raised in a barn?

(In case it was lost on you, this entire article is satire. To sum it all up, use your turn signal and flush your toilets before I lose my mind.)

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