5 ASMR Videos To Study With
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5 ASMR Videos To Study With

For those who don't study with music but find it difficult to concentrate by themselves.

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I usually like complete silence when it comes to studying, but that can be difficult to find unless you go to a library or buy noise-canceling headphones. Lately, I've been listening to YouTube ASMR (Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response) videos, which have been more convenient when silent studying isn't an option. There are many different types of ASMR that produce "brain tingles" to help people relax, sleep, or in my case, study.

This list has mostly no-talking noises (except for one) because I personally find it more difficult to concentrate with talking/whispering, but most of these people also ASMR talking videos on their channels if you want! I also watch the ASMR videos in full before using it for background study sounds, so visuals can also play a role in my selection.

1. MacBook Pro Typing

Not only are the nails aesthetically pleasing, I mainly enjoy the pace at which she is typing. It's not too rushed where it makes me anxious, but not too slow so that it makes me uneasy. The sounds are clear, and the length of the video is appropriate for one productive study session.

2. IKEA dorm

Whatever algorithm YouTube is using for my recommendations list has been nailing it so far -- I never expected to find this relaxing, especially because it has talking in it, but it works. It might be because it has a very warm, homely feeling, that I've enjoyed it so much. I also appreciate how they didn't excessively advertise their products, but rather showed how their products would make you feel.

3. Korean Fried Chicken Compilation

I've been debating with myself about which fried chicken video I wanted to insert, and then I found this gem: someone put a compilation of the no-talking portions of Korean fried chicken sounds. I've never stanned a YouTuber so hard.

4. CoolSun Time Noodles

The only reason that I don't listen to this video more often is because of the beats in the beginning, but even then, it isn't that distracting anyway. I actually don't mind background noises/volume of the sounds as much as I do the pacing of the eating. She doesn't eat with too big bites, too slowly, or too quickly. It's at a pace that I would eat my own noodles, which may be why I frequently turn to her noodle videos in particular.

5. Making Bubble Tea

Sometimes when I don't feel like listening to people eating, I put this video on to experience a variety of sounds. Since it's a video of someone making something, it can encourage me to complete what is in front of me as well. I usually use this video to get me started on a task, then tune it out/exit the video when I get into my work groove.

If you have a hard time concentrating or being productive, these sounds can help you get started. There are definitely more ways to study than ASMR, but sometimes even associating certain sounds with productivity can be effective. It's important to try out different methods and be honest with how it affects your work. Hopefully, you can find a strategy that works for you before the next quarter/semester begins!

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