41 Things A Sorority Girl Totes Has On Her Christmas List
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41 Things A Sorority Girl Totes Has On Her Christmas List

Make her Christmas perf, get her one of these.

41 Things A Sorority Girl Totes Has On Her Christmas List

1. Paddles

The best gift ever. "But if Cathy makes my paddle again, I'm going to be so mad. She never puts any effort into it and it always looks like crap."

2. Ugg boots

3. Monogrammed baseball cap

Like, sports and stuff.

4. Michael's gift card

Because, as explained above... paddles.

5. Chipotle gift card

So that they can tweet about going there and think that they have the scientific answer to why it is better than Qdoba.

6. Starbuck's gift card


7. Matching shirts for the fam

You are not a family unless you have the cutest shirts and take the cutest pictures laying in a circle holding hands.

8. For Chad from Sigma Apple Pie to text her back

9. 50-piece McNugget

With ranch dressing and sriracha, please.

10. Any XL Comfort Color fraternity shirt

Preferably the ones with a dog on it, but any will do.

11. Hillary Clinton to be president

12. Alex & Ani bracelets

13. Money for South Padre in the spring


14. Yeti cup

To put your spring break substances in.

15. Lilly Pulitzer notebook

That you probably won't really write that much in any way. Who needs dollar notebooks though when you have those?

16. Chocolate and ibuprofen

For when the time of the month hits and suddenly you're crying because your boyfriend doesn't have a dog and you don't know why he is so selfish and needs to adopt one.

17. Nike Socks

Everyday necessities

18. Pens in every color

To color code the notes even though you're just going to search Quizlet for old tests anyway.

19. Adidas "Superstar" sneakers

To wear with torn up jeans.

20. Avocado toast

21. Money for dues

What does this money even go towards anyway?

22. To be able to eat without getting fat

A perfect bod would be nice, but pizza is nicer.

23. Hunter rain boots

For the few days that it rains.

24. A little

Omg. Bestie for the restie!! I've never met someone so much like me EVER!!!!!!!!!

25. Norts in every color

So that you can wear each pair three days in a row.

26. A new Finsta name because her risk management requested to follow hers


27. Body pillow

Better than snuggling with a boy, cheaper than snuggling with a dog.

28. Polaroid Camera

To capture all of your precious memories... like the time your roommate blacked out so hard that she couldn't walk up the stairs so her boyfriend had to carry her.

29. Memory foam pillow

To rest your brain from all of the hard work that you do.

30. Sorority monogram for car/laptop

So that cops know you probably have alcohol in your messy car somewhere.

31. Laptop Stickers

If you are going to be pretty your laptop has to be pretty too

32. Jewelry for formal

So that you don't have to buy it

33. A day off work for a mandatory event that you didn't even want to go to in the first place

You request off for 1473289471238 events so one of them is bound to get denied.

34. Pinnacle vodka

Just because pinnacle sounds cool. Also, don't forget the Mio.

35. Glitter

To craft and get all over your room and have it be there literally until the day you move out.

36. Four Loko

For those nights that you want to get weird at Sig Ep.

36. Black Leather Skirt

They aren't comfortable at all but they're "in" so whatever.

37. Jean jacket

Hopefully with a cute painting on the back

38. All black Converse

So you can look "bad"

39. Candles

That you have to hide from your landlord/dorm advisor

40. Any hoodie that doesn't belong to them

Because for some reason, hoodies that aren't yours are more comfortable

41. Kylie Jenner makeup

Everyone is obsessed with it, you should be too.

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