50 Of The Funniest Hurricane Irma Events

50 Of The Funniest Hurricane Irma Events

It's a sad and scary situation, but some are trying to stay positive.

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First, Hurricane Harvey, and now Hurricane Irma. With Harvey, there was chaos in Texas and terrible destruction. Florida is now bracing for the same contact. There is mass evacuation and anticipation. They are issuing warnings and also asking for volunteers and any medical help to come down and help those that will be in need. Before the hurricane even came to land, it caused a stir in communities, and now after the destruction, it is all about rebuilding and starting over. Natural disasters like this one tear apart cities and can make them uninhabitable. However, the people that are going through this will come out of the situation stronger, and will persevere. Some Floridians took to Facebook to pass the time until the hurricane passed. The result was memes galore, and also event pages for Hurricane Irma. I hope these bring a little laugh to your day.

1. Push Hurricane Irma Somewhere Else

2. Push Hurricane Irma Into Trump Tower

3. Give Irma Food

4. Yell Like Lieutenant Dan At Hurricane Irma

5. Sit Irma Down After Her Tantrum And Ask Who Hurt Her :(

6. Put Irma (That Thing) Back Where It Came From, Or So Help Me!

7. Tell Irma She's A Strong Independent Woman Who Don't Need No Land

8. Everyone Crack Open A Cold One With The Boys To Freeze Irma

9. Lapras Ice Beam At Hurricane Irma

10. Hurricane Irma Meditation

11.Yelling At Irma To Make Her Sad And Leave

12. Death Battle: Hurricane Irma VS. The I4 Eyesore

13. Buy Hurricane Irma Flowers And Chocolate And Tell Her She Is Important

14. Roast Irma Away

15. Let Irma Know Nobody Has Time For That

16. Rev Your Honda At Irma

17. Stand Outside And Let Irma Wipe Us Out

18. Everyone Log In To Runescape So Irma Realizes She's A Noob And Goes Away

19. Boring Irma To Death By Discussing My Feelings

20. Everyone Point Their Vacuum At Irma And Suck It In

21. Shoot At Irma

22. Point Your Fan At The Hurricane To Blow It Away

23. Revoking Irmas Financial Aid So She Can't Afford To Come To UM

24. Tell Irma Candy Island Is Weessst

25. Everyone Vape Towards Hurricane Irma

26. Let's Give Irma A Red Rider BB Gun And Just See What Happens

27. Build A Giant "Welcome To Wyoming" Sign To Confuse Hurricane Irma

28. Heelys Into Hurricane Irma

29. Lend Son Goku Your Energy To Defeat Hurricane Irma

30. Naruto Run Into Hurricane Irma's DMs

31. Get Litty In Florida

32. Sing "All Star" By Smashmouth So Loud The Sound Waves Turn Irma Away

33. Grill All Your Frozen Meat And Send Hurricane Irma To Flavortown

34. Talking Reasonably To Hurricane Irma To Convince Her To Stop This Cycle

35. Blast Nickelback From The Rooftops To Make Irma Go Away

36. Shame Hurricane Irma

37. Catch Irma Outside

38. Call Forth Mega Rayquayquay To Dispel Hurricane Irma

39. Critical Hit Hurricane Irma To Underdark Realm Where It Belongs

40. Care Bear Stare At Hurricane Irma

41. Everyone Rip Beyblades At Hurricane Irma

42. Dab On Hurricane Irma

43.Turn Hurricane Irma To Hurricane Rick

44. Cancel Hurricane Irma

45. Goth Dance To Blow Hurricane Irma Away

46. Fidget Spin Clockwise To Cancel Out Irma

47. Throw Coconut Oil Into The Hurricane

48. A Strong Independent Florida Who Don't Need No Irma

49. Make Joke Event Pages So Irma Thinks We Are Funny And Spares Us

50. Rub Vicks On Florida After Hurricane Irma

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