4 Weird Mysteries From The Sims

4 Weird Mysteries From The Sims

The point is to create your own stories, but there's already some weird stories in the game.

The Sims is a series of life simulation games centered around creating your own stories. Sometimes this means creating a happy family with successful careers. Other times it means drowning your sims and burning their house down. Whatever kind of Sims player you are, you might have noticed that the Sims actually has lore that can be found in lot, household, and object descriptions. The point is to create your own stories, but there's already some weird stories in the game.

1. Olive's garden

Olive Specter is a sim introduced in The Sims 2. She has been widowed many times and once left at the altar by a man who died soon after, all by men with death related names such as Rigger Mortis and Earl E. Demise. Her garden is filled with gravestones, those of her husbands, family, random service sims, and the ex-wife of a neighbor she dislikes. She has a gaunt looking son with no father listed and her memories include a WooHoo with the Grim Reaper. Make of that what you will.

2. Bella Goth’s disappearance

Bella Goth is a character that exists in most iterations of The Sims. She has a husband and two children, Cassandra and Alexander. In The Sims 2, her family is in Pleasantview with no knowledge of what has happened to her. She was last seen with Don Lothario after refusing to make out with him. In The Sims 3, there is a grave in the space city of Lunar Lakes for a Bella Goth that died of old age. The Sims 3 also includes books titled Where’s Bella? and Murder in Pleasantview by Alexander Goth. Was Bella abducted by aliens? Or did something more sinister happen to her?

3. Don Lothario in Riverview

Don Lothario is known for being a womanizer. In The Sims 2 he’s engaged to Cassandra Goth while also having relationships with three other women. He also appears in The Sims 3, which is set many years before The Sims 2, with Cassandra’s mother, Bella, appearing as a child. The description for Don in The Sims 3 states that he stepped onto a teleporter and heard many women laughing before suddenly appearing in Riverview. It also states that, like in The Sims 2, he faced the choice of marriage or continuing to be a womanizer. Perhaps his lovers discovered each other and threw him into the past.

4. The Tricou Family

This is a mysterious family from The Sims 2. The whole family is dead. They used to occupy The House of Fallen Trees, until they each met their demise. The lot is haunted by two of the family members and a woman that moved in later and died of fear. The rest of the family haunt the Downtown cemetery. Most of the family wear gothic fashion, the family home contains vampire coffins, and many died fiery deaths. A gravestone for one family member appears in the prequel, The Sims 3, implying that this family has been dead for a long time. What happened to this family?

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