As a college student, it can be so hard to maintain your relationship with God. Here are some things that I have found to be helpful in our fast-paced and temptation filled world.

1. The Bible App

The Bible App for iOS and Android is a literal life-saver. The app allows you to search for verses and view the Bible in a plethora of different versions and languages. It also offers daily plans on a range of topics that you can use to craft daily devotion for yourself.

2. College Bible Study

If large Sunday church services aren't for you, college Bible studies may work. Most of them are sponsored by a local church and feature a weekly speaker who may be closer to college-age. The smaller more intimate setting can be more inviting and prompt you to listen and ask more questions. It may also offer the opportunity for you to make friends who are on the same path as you. Added bonus: most of these offer FREE FOOD.

3. Good Friends

This may sound like the easiest task to accomplish because everyone makes friends during college. However, it can be hard to find friends who will keep you accountable while not judging you. Surrounding yourself with people who love The Lord and are wiling to grow with you on your spiritual journey.

4. Quiet Time

I'll be the first one to admit that I thought quiet time was overhyped. I understood the importance of a daily devotion but I couldn't understand how being quiet was gonna help me. That was until I tried! What an amazing experience. Grab yourself a cup of coffee and your breakfast and start our day with devotion and prayer. Not only will it put you in a great mood to start the day, it will give you time to personally connect with God and pray without external distractions.

The most important thing to remember is that God is loving, merciful, and gracious. You won't ever be perfect so don't get wrapped up in your wrongs. Be honest with God and yourself and put your best effort toward connecting with and letting him lead you.