4 Ways To Make Yourself Feel Better

People are sharing multiple videos about children being raised to look at themselves in the mirror and say great things about themselves such as, "I am beautiful" or "I am great!" We need to treat our children do this everyday because their are definitely some people out there in the world that will try to bring them down. They will see the hatred, pain, suffering, and disfunction more than the love, caring, and devotion.

I want you all to challenge yourselves. Use this checklist to help you feel GREAT about yourself.

1. Look in the mirror.

Instead of finding physical flaws, look at your best features. Do you like your eyes? Smile? Arms? Legs? Hands?

2. List your accomplishments.

I recently did this with my co-interns at my internship and we listed over 20 accomplishments over the past 3 months! Some were big and some were small. These accomplishments show that my work isn't all for nothing.

3. Read something uplifting.

Pick your favorite quote from Tumblr or find one on Pinterest. Set it as your phone lock screen.

4. Know you are loved...

because you are loved.

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