I’d definitely consider myself a concert junkie. I love seeing my favorite bands or artists up close and in person after listening to them and watching them on a screen for so long. I love the feeling of unity that comes from being in a giant room filled with people who share my interest in the particular artist and my love for music. The thing about putting all these people together, is that you’re bound to get a few bad ones. Most of these people don't necessarily mean any harm, they just tend to get on everyone else’s nerves.

I wanted to share my list of four different types of annoying people that I have encountered at concerts in the past.

1.The iPhone Videographer

I might be a tiny bit of a hypocrite with this first one, but I like to think that I’m not as bad as most of these people. These are the ones that, not only take videos throughout the entire concert, but their videos are all just minutes and minutes of blur because they won’t stop jumping around and yet refuse to put their hands down so others can see. The worst experience I’ve had with this type of concert go-er was when the stranger behind me’s arms grew tired of holding her phone up, so she decided to rest her arms on my shoulders and use my head to stabilize her phone. As much as I love being a tripod, I passive-aggressively moved over so that she would stop.

2. The Aggressive Parents

At any concert that’s open to all ages, you can expect to see some younger kids who still can’t go to big events all alone so they go with their parents. This is perfectly understandable and I think it’s very nice of the parent to take their child to a concert that they’ll enjoy. However, this becomes bad when the parent thinks that their kid deserves more than others. They’ll skip lines and push their kid further up in general admission crowds and if anyone dares to speak up against them they go crazy and call security.

3. The Screamer

There are actually two types of screamers. The first is the person that knows every word to every song and needs to make sure that everyone around them knows that they know the words. These people seems to be playing a game of “Who’s louder?” with the singer as they scream the words as loud as they can. The other type is the ones who seem to be practicing for their audition for a horror movie. They love to scream at the top of their lungs, especially when the singer is talking about something heartfelt.

4. Pushers

This one only applies to general admission concert. Personally, I love GA concerts, but they are definitely not for the weak-hearted. You have zero personal space and have to deal with this specific group of people. These are the people that got to the concert later than everyone in front of them, but they still think it’s a good idea to try to get to the first row. They push and shove and physically hurt others. I have been to concerts where nearly 10 people have to be carried over the front barricade because they are injured, nauseous, or having a panic attack due to claustrophobia. If you want to be in the front of the crowd, get in line earlier.

These are just a few types of annoying people that I’ve seen at concert. But through my experiences, I’ve learned that if you focus on the bad parts of a concert, you won’t enjoy it and you’ll have wasted your money. You just have to ignore things that these people do, go with the flow, and enjoy the music and the presence of the good people there. I love concerts and I’m definitely not going to let anyone stop me from having a good time while seeing my favorite singers perform live.