4 Things I’ve Learned From Living In 4 Different States
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4 Things I’ve Learned From Living In 4 Different States

Each time you start over, you learn something new.

4 Things I’ve Learned From Living In 4 Different States
Katherine Yochum

Starting over in a completely new neighborhood, school, city, and state is terrifying- but rewarding. I was born in Virginia, but have lived in North Carolina, Minnesota, and Kentucky. Each place my family has moved to is different in its own ways, and each has taught me something about life that I would not have known otherwise- and for that I am so grateful. From the East Coast, to up North, to the Midwest/South, moving to and living in so many different places was a blessing in disguise.

Here are 4 things I have learned from living in 4 different states in my life:

You learn to take the first step

Katherine Yochum

When you move to a new state, especially when you are young, it can be scary to start over. However, through each move, something that I learned- and has benefited me in my college career- was that you have to be bold enough to take those first steps. Whether it be trying out for a team or joining a club, getting involved is rewarding.

If I had not moved four times, I would not have the experience of living in vastly different regions of the U.S.

Katherine Yochum

Learning how to dress for so many different climates was an interesting experience growing up. From the east coast and four seasons in Virginia and North Carolina, then the long winters of Minnesota and the summer heat of Kentucky, moving multiple times gave me the chance to experience different ways of living.

Change is good

Katherine Yochum

One of the biggest things I learned from moving multiple times was that even though change may be daunting, it is good, and good things can come from it. In life, change is inevitable. The action of moving to different states over the years made this change in my life even more visible, but it gave me the chance to actively go with change instead of turning away from it when it presents itself.

It gives you an easy icebreaker

Katherine Yochum

Last but not least, I learned that I have a solid answer to any icebreaker game- forever. Two truths and a lie? Easy. One fact about me? Done. I have used the fact that I have lived in four different states so many times in my life that I've honestly lost count.

Sure, change that comes with moving was not always easy, or even welcome. Looking back, however, I see now that these events led me to where I am today, and that it something that all of us must do in order to accept change.

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