It's only been one week into my first year of college and so much has happened. I met so many people, forgotten so many names, and walked so many steps. All my friends in college and many staff members at SPU told me all that I really needed to know, so I thought. There were just a few things I was not prepared for.

1. "The Hill"

I live in Ashton Hall, the one hall that has a reputation for being a strenuous walk to. I did not expect it too be that bad. Boy, was I wrong. It's a steep mountain that I am lucky enough to climb once or twice a day.

2. Look Where You Step

Because the campus is set on a not-so-flat area, there are plenty of hills and stairs. Clumsy little me wasn't paying attention and missed a step on a stairway. I am currently suffering from a sprained ankle, but don't worry, it's healing very well. The pain wasn't even that bad, it was just embarrassing. I was with a friend I just formally met, and may have had a small crush on. Anyways, the whole ordeal wasn't what I expected to happen the night before classes started. My first day of school included me limping around campus and getting escorts around school from Safety & Security. My advice to people walking and not paying attention, pay attention.

3.The Homework Load

I knew that there would be a very distinct difference in my homework load in college than in high school, but oh my, not this fast. My first day, I was assigned six chapters of reading due two days later. We would be finishing the entire book by Friday. I have never read so much so fast. Hopefully classes won't get any harder than that (fingers crossed). I'm spending all my time doing homework and not socializing as much as I want to.

4. Adjusting to Life

I could be saying this too early, but I haven't missed home as much as I expected. Don't get me wrong, I do miss home and my friends and family, but I'm not crying in my dorm every day on the phone with my parents (Shout-out to Mom and Dad). I also expected myself to have serious anxiety about being on my own and starting school without any of my best friends from home. Sure, I was nervous. Who wouldn't be? It just wasn't as bad as I thought.