Living in South Florida, the main thing I was looking forward to when traveling home for three months was spending everyday at the beach. I pictured laying on the hot sand and jumping into the clear saltwater all through finals week. When I finally returned home, I stuck to my plan and beached it up daily. I loved spending everyday soaking up vitamin D and was proud that my skin was looking bronze again. However, this didn't last very long. Mother Nature has not been on my side because the skies have been nothing but gray the past two weeks. It's hard to find things to do during these gloomy days but after two weeks of putting up with the down pour, I have found multiple ways to stay busy.

1. Netflix and Chill (Minus the chill)

I, like everyone, do enjoying indulging in a new TV series to binge every now and again. Whenever I need to relax or take a step back from life, watching Netflix is usually how I do it. I have watched pretty much everything thats worth watching so now I find myself re-watching. It's a lot less pathetic than it sounds, I promise. After years of not watching a show, you can forget all the juicy details that go down. These rainy days are perfect timing for refreshers.

2. Online Shop

This isn't always the best idea, but it sure is satisfying. I've had plenty of time to reevaluate my closet and realize all these things that I need. Online shopping is like walking in an endless mall, you have all the stores and styles in the world to chose from. An added bonus, it gives you something to look forward to waiting for packages to come in the mail.

3. Find new music

Nothing cures the rainy day blues better than some good music. If you really can't find something to do, explore iTunes, Find some good new music for better days. While you're at it, you'll probably find something that gives you the right vibe for a day like the one your having. By the end of the rain your playlist will be restocked and refurbished for the better days that are coming. Your aux cord will thank you later.

4. Sleep

Obviously this isn't the most exciting thing to do but it can be much needed. Summer is all about rest and relaxation, you just get to do it from the comfort of your bed. Catch up on some sleep while you can so you have more energy to go out and adventure when the weather is right. We could all use some sleep after not getting much during school, enjoy the time you have in your own bed.

Rainy days suck, but they are unavoidable. You might as well make the best of them while they're here.