We live in a society where everyone is fighting to get the newest thing. Maybe it is the newest phone or the newest technology. Whatever it may be that you are trying to fill your life with here is why you should consider being a minimalist. These are just a few of the benefits of minimalism.

1. No amount of materialistic objects will ever fill you.

Sure materialistic objects might bring you temporary happiness, but the truth is the things you long for will never make you happy. It is just an endless cycle of wanting more things and honestly, that just gets exhausting after a while.

2. Having more "things" is a waste of space

Let's be honest here why would someone want a bunch of "things" that they have no use for. Having more stuff just complicates everything, and it seems to add more stress to our lives. I mean just think about it the less "things" you have only made it easier to get organized.

3. Being a minimalist can make you appreciate the little things in life

As an American, I tend to take a lot of everyday basic needs for granted. I think by being a minimalist it makes you appreciate even the smallest things in life. I think to really enjoy life you need to enjoy the simple things in life, and by being a minimalist you learn to enjoy every little thing in life.

4. The things you have now can't go to the grave with you

There is no point accumulating all these materialistic objects if you cannot take them with you when you are dead. The world is just a temporary place, and the items that you think you need so badly are also temporary. If you choose a minimalistic lifestyle you will no longer be worried about something that is temporary.

I have always wanted to be a minimalist but I have always had such a hard time letting go of my "things". For me, I am obsessed with clothes, shoes, and jewelry. I have slowly but surely started the process of donating my things to someone who will appreciate them more than I did. This past month I have spent cleaning out my closet and trying to become more minimalistic. Next week I am going to write all about my personal journey to becoming more like a minimalist.

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