Netflix is constantly churning out new original movies that are a great watch, but it's hard to keep up with their latest features! If you want to enjoy a high-quality movie from the comfort of your bed or couch, these should be your top choices.

Without further ado, check out these 4 dope new Netflix Original movies you can stream right now:

1. "The Dirt"

The band Motley Crue has a ton of hits that you definitely have jammed out to and has an interesting story on how they rose to superstardom. Nikki Sixx, Tommy Lee, Mick Mars, and Vince Neil formed this band and made it from small gigs in Hollywood Heights to becoming an international sensation. Enjoy diving into the backstory of this legendary 80s band and the life of sex, drugs, and rock n' roll when you stream this Netflix Original Film.

2. "Triple Frontier"


This Netflix film focuses on a group of former special operatives that reunite in South America to pull off a high-stakes $75 million heist. After years of thankless work on special ops missions for the people, these men take matters into their own hands to pull this heist off for themselves. Although the men are experienced, things do not go as planned, and their situation escalates. Watch as these men test their strength, abilities, morals, and loyalties while they try to pull this heist off.

3. "Paddleton"

This funny yet emotional film stars Ray Romano and Mark Duplass as misfit neighbors who end up forging an unexpected bond. When one of the men gets diagnosed with cancer, the two end up on an unexpectedly emotional journey together. They spend time their time navigating this health situation and playing a game called Paddleton, which they made up themselves. Once they realize the end is near, the friends embark on a trip to get the drugs that will end the terminally ill friend's life.

4. "The Breaker Upperers"

Two BFFs Jen and Mel are savage and will break up any relationship for the right price. Jen and Mel run an agency for people who need assistance breaking up with their significant others and created it together after they discovered their boyfriend had been cheating on both of them. The two concoct extreme scenarios to help people break up— that is, until one of the best friends' develops a conscious about the brutal work they're doing and their friendship begins to unravel.