4 Lessons Luke Perry Taught Us As Fred Andrews In "Riverdale"
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4 Lessons Luke Perry Taught Us As Fred Andrews In 'Riverdale'

The show will never be the same without him.

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Last week, actor Luke Perry suffered a massive stroke. We had not heard any updates on Perry when all of a sudden, on Monday afternoon, we learned he had passed away.

As we mourn the loss of actor Luke Perry, we look back on the lessons he taught us!

Be confident in everything you do

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Fred supports Archie in everything he does, he just wants Archie to feel confident in himself.

Not everyone can be saved, but you can at least try

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You can try your hardest to save someone, but sometimes you can't.

Always do the right thing

You should always do the right thing no matter what it might cost you.

No matter what, your parents will always have your back

Even off camera, Fred is always there for Archie. He always tries his best to make sure Archie is safe.

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